Friday, November 01, 2013

Looks like Tim “The Liar” Leavitt struck out tonight at the Veteran's fundraiser.

So there was a nice fundraiser tonight.  You know the veterans outfit that Larry Smith runs that send

The Liar’s back pocket?

I’m very big on Veterans Affairs, and have a history with the American Legion that lasted a few years before the politics of that sickened me as well… But because of Smith’s involvement and the fact that he’s repeatedly sold out this entire community, including veterans; I don’t care that he was a colonel in the Army and had all those buttons, bows and badges… I want nothing to do with it.

But tonight, sources tell me, that one of the auction items was a lunch for two valued at up to $100 with our not so esteemed mayor of the Soviet of Vancouver.

So, the auctioneer starts off with a bid for $100 for a lunch (that I don’t believe anybody be able to keep down a fate with them anyway) with the US teams commissar of Vancouver.

No bid.

So the auctioneer lows, it lowers it to $75.

Frogs croak.

So the auctioneer lowers it again to $50.

Deafening silence.

So the auctioneer lowers it again to $25…

Crickets chirp.

Well, wouldn’t you know… Tom Mielke’s offering the same thing… A lunch for two and $100 limit.

Because they added Tom’s lunch to Leavitt’s…

It sold for $105.

So… what’s that say about the “The Liar?”

I know what it says to me; when a non-serving slimy REMF like “The Liar” can’t even get somebody to bid $25 for a lunch with that clown of up to $100 to raise money for veterans.

One has to wonder: what's it mean to you?

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Lew Waters said...

I won't hold my breath waiting on the Lazy C to report this in their APiL blog.