Friday, November 01, 2013

Remember all that idiocy about the GOP being in trouble because they allegedly “shut down” something called government?

andThe highlight of the poll says the following: “in Democratic districts, net income and approval is plummeted by 11 points, from +8 approval to +3 disapproval.  And Republican districts, incumbent approval is gunned down by only four points.”

Exclusive of the fact that government was never “shut down” (while hundreds of thousands of so-called “nonessential” (why do we have any federal employee that are “nonessential?”)  Federal employees were furloughed and temporarily lost their paychecks… Which equated to approximately 15% of the total federal government workforce (They’ve all since have been paid for work that they did not do… Many of them have been paid twice, because they’re not only getting their regular pay, they also got unemployment.)  I knew at the time the polls were lying and said as much repeatedly here and those pronouncements were pure garbage, and that what was happening was a media con job, which unfortunately for us, the moronic Speaker of the House bought into.  Because now:

New Poll Shows Democratic Incumbents in Big Trouble.

When it comes to political matters, it’s frightening that your humble blogger seems to have a better grip, a better clue, than the big boys in the House of Representatives.

Cowardice as a political platform generally will not get you to where you want to go.  Imagine how much better off we, as a nation, would’ve been, if Boehner and the rest of the RINOs in the House of Representatives (Including the moron "representing" US)  had just stuck to their guns like they should of when this started.

Of course, as it turned out, this stands to be something of a political blessing in disguise.  What happened here is that Boehner and the House just fell into it.  This disaster isn’t a result of anything they were smart enough to foresee.  So their intransigence is resulted in an increasingly damaged country, and if possible, an even more angered electorate.  And anger… Is what moves voters

As it is now, thanks to the Obama administration’s multiple rounds of lies and incompetence, not to mention their inability to tap dance their way out of this one, those of us who been attacking Obama care from the very beginning, have not only been proven  right.  Obama care has become that political flypaper… That gift that keeps on giving.

For a local comparison, Obama making the absurd claims that he made about the impacts of Obama care, as well as the bazaar eyes idea that we could add as many as 40 million more people to the insurance roles without making the price of insurance go through the roof, is just as bizarre as our own Tim “the liar” Leavitt claiming that he was opposed to tolls on the CRC scam.

The other scandals are still in play: the inept, incompetent debacle that is the blood of Benghazi, the lies about the IRS scandals, the increasing cancer of the NSA scandal, and now this sweetheart: the implementation of Obama care.

It goes without saying, but if George Bush had been running the country and had implemented a program like this with such disgraceful results; the fringe left nutters would be out rioting in the streets, demanding his resignation.  But hypocrisy being what it is, the scum around here of the leftist bent (are you listening “Molehill?”)  are staying quiet as church mice after their bazaar and typically false pronouncements about how great we have it here in Washington State.

My concern here, however, is that the GOP, which has shown its own level of incompetence over the past decade or so, will be unable to capitalize on this properly.  This amounts to a golden opportunity to ram it in and break it off and the question becomes: will the idiots running the clown car GOP Headquarters have enough sense, enough vision, enough guts, to do what has to be done?

Silly me… Of course they won’t.

The Dems are counting on that… As they should.  They have yet to be proven wrong when it comes to the GOP’s lack courage on the part of the House and its leadership, and generally speaking, may have successfully played the GOP like it was a banjo.  I see nothing, have heard nothing, and have experienced nothing to indicate that anything different will occur here.

The debacle that is Obama care, would’ve already led to demands for the impeachment of a President Bush.  As tens of millions of Americans discover how badly this guys screwed them and lied to them over the past several years...  When their health care gets Councilman they’re forced to go with the government plans…  What is the GOP doing about it?

Answer: nothing.

The House of Representatives should already have drawn up articles of impeachment, using the lies from Barack Obama as Exhibit 1.  He should by now be on his way out, and the Democrats should be suffering accordingly for that.  But that takes a level of testicular fortitude that the GOP leadership in the House, or the GOP leadership anywhere else has yet to exhibit.  And now is not going to be the exception to their cowardice meme.  I essentially expect nothing to come out of all of this; as much of an opportunity as it presents; the GOP has shown, and amazing ability to overlook opportunity when it slaps them right in the face.

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