Sunday, November 03, 2013

Steve "Slimeball" Stuart reconfirms his unsuitability for elective office.

As documented on this blog repeatedly, Steve Stuart has shown himself to be absolutely unsuitable for elective office.

Here's just another indicator of that:

I give Robert props for even attempting to communicate with this dictatorial type who doesn't give a damn about what the people say any more than his butt-buddy Leave-it.

I rarely do, since I know it would be an utter waste of ASCII and time.  I did let him know after he threw this community under a bus that I was not going to rest until I had done everything I legally could to make sure he lost next year.

But I thought I'd take a shot at it:

That Stuart would even ask such a question goes to the heart of his mentality: He saw the opportunity to "Columbian" Robert, by holding him up like a piƱata so his buddies can take turns whacking him like a stick.

Shades of Lefty Lou.

First: if you're going to unfriend someone... just fricking do it.

Second, do you have to be a punk about EVERYTHING?

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