Sunday, November 03, 2013

Hinton: Maybe Jayne should stick to sports: Is the democratian’s political ignorance an act… or deliberate?

As the democratian does yet another in the series of the Downtown Mafia’s campaign pieces, the question I asked myself in response to Jayne’s (“CRC, ‘Madore 4’: What matters in Vancouver election?”) was this:

How come you don’t already know the answer, and why are you taking this opportunity to shill the Downtown Mafia/BackwardsVancouver meme?

Please don’t tell me that you can’t figure out the difference between contrived bullshit like your newspaper’s/BackwardsVancouver’s/Downtown Mafia’s campaign of deflection/ demonization garbage of the so-called “Madore 4” and the reality of the massive rape of this county so strongly advocated by Lefty Lou and his ilk in the form of the CRC?

Of course you can.  The “Madore 4” crap is a non-issue except to the extent that you further it… a campaign scam built by the desperate scum who can’t run on the issues… and cheerfully/willingly made a part of the democratian’s leftist/CRC campaign efforts.

For example, when Jayne calls those running opposed to the CRC Scam “single issue candidates,” that, of course, is the kind of insidious lie that this rag is known for.

But it’s also part of the Pro-CRC Scam and the set up for next year’s election. Expect to see it again… in this newspaper… repeatedly.

Here’s the thing, Greg: the CRC Scam is the biggest issue this county has ever confronted on its own.  It’s the biggest betrayal of the people we have ever known at the local level… a local version of Obamacare in its impacts, lies, exaggerations, ignorance and corruption.

Jayne writes
Yet while the CRC and light rail and the prospect of tolls over a new bridge have dominated political discussion on this side of the river for a decade or so, I am leery of those who are single-issue voters. The fact is that Vancouver is growing and will continue to grow, and with that growth comes questions of how to keep the area vibrant and engaging. There’s a lot more that goes into that than the single issue of a new bridge, which might be a back-to-the-drawing-board proposition nearly as soon as the election is over.
I have to admit I believe he’s being dishonest here.  Turning Vancouver into a northern bridge abutment for Portland doesn’t equate to vibrancy.  In fact, considering the economic damage the CRC Scam would cause... exactly how does that equate to "vibrancy" OR "engaging?"

One has to wonder: is Jayne too much of an idiot to see beyond the CRC Scam to the multiple, obvious answers to his concerns?

At some point, additional bridges will be built.  Portland and Oregon will just have to get over it, it’s GOING to happen.  That will increase “vibrancy.”

You want “engagement?”  Then set up a business climate in Vancouver that will draw MEANINGFUL business to that community.

The problem is that with the corruption of Vancouver putting Chicago to shame, who the hell would want to move here?  And when PEOPLE move here… are they moving into Vancouver, or out of Vancouver?

Calling the CRC a “single issue” makes as much sense as calling the Constitution a “single issue.”

Referring to it that way just sets it up for the downtown mafia, who want to be able to use that label on those wise enough to oppose them.

The CRC is the 8 million pound gorilla in Clark County’s living room.

It’s the issues attendant to the CRC Scam that makes it that thing that sucks all of the oxygen out of the room.  And those MULTIPLE ISSUES are not, in any way, a “single issue.”

It’s the issue of the fact that building it will accomplish nothing in terms of moving people.  It will waste billions, enrich a few special interests, and damage this county for generations to come.

It’s the issue of the corruption, the lies, the exaggerations; the attacks by the scammers on those who oppose this rip off since they demand “unquestioning obedience” to their dictates… and who the hell are they to dictate to us?

It’s the issue of the economic impacts of closing downtown Vancouver down for 7 years… not that it’s worth going to now, anyway…

It’s the issues of the hit on small business here for the 40 years plus of ever-increasing tolls as it vacuums up a lot of the disposable income of the 65,000 commuting families… that issue that no one on the pro-side… or this cancerous wart on our community of a newspaper, ever want to study or discuss.

In short, the CRC is but a label for geometric multiples of issues… yet Jayne belittles those who oppose it as “single issue” candidates, and presumably those opposed to that scam who are not candidates as “single issue voters.”

So, I’ve got to wonder: is that just more of the democratian’s institutional stupidity and ignorance?  Is it because Jayne, perhaps, played too much football without a helmet?

He closes with this:
Political ads on both sides of the Vancouver races have focused on the bridge and its ancillary issues. Those are important, but they won’t entirely define the city for the future. If the CRC is, in fact, dead … then what will we talk about?
Why?  Why would he even ask?

Godzilla has come to Clark County generally and Vancouver specifically, and he's busying himself by being concerned over the design of the parking tickets.

What he’s talking about now is the equivalent of discussing the china patterns on the plates in 2nd Class on the Titanic after it brushed up against that ice cube.

Whatever we have to talk about after this is buried will have nowhere near the impacts or throw weight of this massive, generational-long crime.

And that reinforces my wonder:  Is Jayne just PLAYING stupid… or what?

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