Sunday, November 03, 2013

The irony of Rice and Hidle writing about a depressed turnout that they help create.

There’s a peculiar irony to someone like stuffed pony rice writing an article called "Tuesday’s election may have a full ballot, but willturn out be tepid?”

Calling turnout for the selection tepid is the understatement of the year, not unlike referring to rice as “dishonest” or “biased.”  Those are quite accurate labels, but somehow they don’t do the totality of work for justice that it deserves.

Yes, I’m voting, so is my wife.  My daughter, who is 20, probably isn’t voting, and I’m fine with that.  That’s her choice.  Just like it’s the choice of everybody else who doesn’t exercise their franchise to vote.  And in fact, not voting kind of does represent a vote… Does it not?

Out here in the hinterland… The part of the county that the downtown leftists are so terrified of… Nobody wants to hear from us anyway.  Further, there just aren’t that many candidates for us to vote for; although I am particularly interested in getting rid of Ron Arp, who somehow managed to wrangle his way in his chair of our local school board.

The irony of this article is that few people have done more to disgust the voters of Clark County, individually than those working at the democratian.

A newspaper of lies, exaggerations, a bully pulpit to just beat the hell out of whoever is in the way of your agenda.  Thank God the Pit Yorkie, John Laird, is gone: he was a peculiar practitioner of it, which flew in the face of lefty Lou Brancaccio’s fake pleas for civility, pleas that he himself never abides by with his jihad against David Madore, Tom Mielke, and damn near anybody opposed to the CRC scam that he’s invested so much time, effort, energy, and prestige to ram down our collective throats. 

But then. there's Stephony Rice and her sidekick, Eric what’s his face.  I personally believe, that the idea of formalizing their ability to sprout their leftist bull shit in what this ragt calls a "blog" to give them cover flies in the face of journalistic tenants.  Furthermore, when they do take such actions, the idea that they don’t have to be accurate, or they not working for somebody with a hidden agenda, and that they use their position to just beat the hell out of political opponents, is one of the major disgraces that this newspaper takes part in every damn day.

So for these two morons to write an article about a depressed turnout that they, in large part, are responsible for?

Yeah… There’s just a little bit of irony there.

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