Wednesday, September 04, 2013

The cowardice of Anne McEnerny Ogle.

Earlier, when an utterly clueless coward was running for the Vancouver City Council, I outed her for her lack of guts.  She was hammered in the primary.

Asked a direct question on the issue of the CRC Scam, she lacked the courage to answer:.

UPDATE Galina Burley: I HATE to be "handled." Burley refuses to state her CRC position

I have a major problem with candidates who are ashamed of their positions.

I went to Vancouver city council candidate Galina Burley's Facebook page and asked her a very simple question: 

Kage McClued One question: Do you support the CRC?
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This was her tap-dancing response:
Galina Burley for Vancouver City Council Hi kage, I'm excited to hear from you. I've read many of your comments on this issue in the Columbian. Do I support the crc? I, as a commuter, feel that we must have safe transportation options. We also need to have access to transportation so that people who cant drive can be connected (people with mobility restrictions specifically). I do not oppose transportation options for our citizens but do have questions about the council's role with crc specifically.
I replied:
Kage McClued That's a "yes" or "no" question. You support it, or you don't. I'm reasonably sure that, based on those endorsing you, that is not the answer you gave them.
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Her campaign's response?
Galina Burley for Vancouver City Council You are welcome to check with my supporters. Or come to my event next Friday at torque. Thanks for your inquiry.
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Now, it is well-known that Anne McEnerny-Ogle is a CRC Scammer.  The problem here is that she's too much of a coward to admit it.

The question has been asked under one of those canned campaign letters the rag publishes.  She has yet to respond, but one of her lackeys suggested "going over to her campaign web site to find out."

So I did.  But M-O lacks the guts to take a position:

Columbia River Crossing (CRC)

The CRC project was not funded and this project is no longer moving forward.
Let's encourage our leaders and our community to have serious, meaningful meetings and decide the best way to proceed with our transportation requirements, including the I-5 and I-205 corridors.
There are hundreds of questions.  It's time to move on. Let's start working on a plan for our community and be more accepting of the input from our participants.
This kind of cowardice makes her unfit for elective office, precisely like it made Burley unfit for elective office.

And for something that is "no longer moving forward" it sure is making a lot of noise.

Take a position: yes, or no.  Be proud of it.  Defend it.  But don't try and weasel your way out of it.

Otherwise, you come across as just another whiny little cowardly putz.

Memo to the lackeys: you'd be better off remaining silent then you would to direct people to a website that just confirms her cowardice.

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