Saturday, October 26, 2013

The curious case of Lefty Lou Brancaccio and local conservatives in the future.

The thought occurred to me while Ginzuing Lefty Lou’s latest psychotic screed against anyone to the right of Lenin (below)…  that this is going to be our future in politics around here, as long as a.)  Lefty Lou has a job at the democratian and/or b.)  David Madore is alive... or maybe even longer.

Since Tim “The Liar” Leave–it is wrong on the issues, and since Lefty Lou doesn’t give a damn that “The Liar” is a lying scumbag, Lefty has to engage in some of the same kind of falsity that led to “the Liar’s” election in 2009: he has to make something up to help Leave–it get past his lies of 2009 to get him reelected.

So how does he do that?

First, act as if “The Liar” wasn't a scumbag.  Next, it’s simple: anyone opposing the democratian agenda will automatically now be compared or tied into David Madore... even if they've never heard of him.

It won’t matter, of course that the person being compared to Madore may not even know he exists.  That won’t stop them for one minute.  But from now on, expect to see some version of the following in any competitive race:
We endorse Candidate B, because Candidate A’s positions are too much like David Madore’s.  And we hate David Madore and everything he stands for.  So if you remotely support any of Madore’s positions (aka "the WRONG positions,") we’re going to tie you to Madore, on the hope that tying you to Madore will kill your chances to be elected.
That is the basis for the entire sorry Leave–it campaign.  They can’t run on the issues, because they’re wrong on the issues,  It's why Lefty Lou has been psychotic about Madore from the beginning.

They can’t run on integrity, because they don’t have any integrity.

So what is the entire basis for their campaign?

David Madore.

In fact, that’s what the entirety of Lefty’s psychotic journalistic stalking of David Madore’s leads up to.  This election is a test about how they’re going to run their democrat agenda in the 2014 election.

No matter who runs against Steve “Slimeball” Stewart for example, that person is going to be tied to David Madore.  And it won’t matter if Madore even knows they exist, or if that person knows Madore exists.  Any comparison to those positions will result in an effort to tie a candidate agreeing with most (or even any, if it's related to the CRC Scam) of Madore’s positions to David Madore under the theory of what’s known as political radioactivity.

The scumbag running the Columbian tried to do the same thing to me roughly 3 ½ years ago.  Didn't work of course, but that’s beside the point.  While firing his shotgun at this particular gnat, he missed.  However, it remains to be seen if pumping all those shells into a long dead body and then pulling the trigger into the corpse of his anger at David Madore will have any telling impact.

But if the election turns out the way Brancaccio and the rest of the Downtown Mafia want it, you can expect the same kind of tripe concerning David Madore to appear in the newspaper as long as David Madore lives.  Because that’s how Brancaccio rolls.

The problem they have is that they have tipped their hand by beating this Madore dead horse to death.  By running over it with the road grader.  By a flattening it with a steamroller.  By recycling it into dust.  And it makes it obvious that that’s their strategy.

This isn’t that difficult to figure out.  And figure it out… We have.

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Lew Waters said...

This bullying of Republicans isn't new, as you know. Madore is just their latest target as he is fighting back against the CRC and very effectively at that.

All we need do is look back to their October 13, 2000 editorial "NOT BENTON" to see a glaring example of their hatred of the right and anybody effectively opposing the CRC.

"The Columbian's editorial board would like nothing more than to offer an enthusiastic, unqualified endorsement of Democrat Lou Peterson as the best possible candidate for state Senate in the 17th Legislative District. Unfortunately, we can't."

"Not even close."

"Peterson, although sincere and well-intentioned, lacks even a rudimentary understanding of the important policy questions for Southwest Washington and the state. About the only attribute in his favor is the fact that he's not Don Benton."

"And on that admittedly flimsy basis, we endorse Peterson."

Just substitute Madore's name.

Then too was Brancaccio's enthusiastic endorsement of the CRC, after telling us several problems with it that should have killed it.