Sunday, October 27, 2013

Jayne blows it... again: Smacking Herrera was absolutely the right thing to do.

In another replay of the democratian's inability to understand the political scene, first exhibited with their at-first-demand-he-resign, then-endorse-him-because-he-flipped-to-the-democrats irrational response; rife with lies, of Marc Boldt  (They pounded the local GOP for that one.... though, not so much after the election, since kicking Boldt out had at least part of the desired effect: he lost; the democratian's best efforts notwithstanding.) our local cancer on the community has once again misread the tea leaves when it comes to the hopefully first step of doing the same to our worthless, cardboard cut-out of a congresswoman.

With a newspaper of a decades-long leftist bent and hatred of the GOP and their local candidates that is legendary, that the rag would offer any political advice about anything to the Local GOP is more of a waste of wood pulp than that we're typically used to.

And, rightfully, it will be met with the same GOP disdain.

Herrera was dead wrong to cut and paste her puppet-master's (McMorris) press-release the day before she joined with the other RINO's in the Washington State Delegation and caved to the democrats to support this horrific, incompetent and never-supported-by-the-people-rip off.

The disaster of the Obamacare roll out, and the subsequent loss by hundreds of thousands of Americans of their health plans which that empty-suited, anti-American racist bigot in the White House promised they would be able to keep; has proven, once again, that Ridgefield Barbie is proven wrong.

Of course, the democratian's support of Herrera's idiocy also makes her action on Obamacare suspect; the rag has made it clear they support this "train wreck"of and anything those morons support needs to be checked at the DNA level  to determine the truth as to why.

The local GOP has earned at least some modicum of respect from me by warning Herrera that she, effectively, risks losing GOP support from by far the largest GOP organization in her district (If they mean it, and that remains to be seen) a crippling blow to Barbie who cannot win if they support someone else... and at least 2 "someone else's" are running against her, I'm told.

Not unlike the stupidity of Lefty Lou's confusion of a Vancouver-wide outcome for Leave-it somehow equating to a county-wide repudiation of  David Madore, Jayne confuses The GOP with the Local GOP.  THE GOP is a nationwide organization that must contend with a major RINO contingent.

The LOCAL GOP doesn't have to do that.  The end result is that while "The GOP" may seem "disjointed" to Jayne, that isn't the problem here locally: essentially, the Local GOP doesn't have that problem... and it has zero application here.

We are told by this very rag that "all politics are local," and this is no exception.

What The GOP is doing has no particular relevance to what the Local GOP is doing.

Greg's obviously misplaced "worry" is something he can forget about: he cherry-picks 3 of the dozens of issues, making sure to include one that gives RINO's pause and that has absolutely zero relevance to the issue at hand: bitch-slapping Barbie for her increasingly leftist turn.

I haven't read the comments under Jayne's offering here, but it's assuredly pure red meat to the leftist scavengers that typically lash out and trash the GOP using democratian-provided riffs to stir the pot.

Jayne closes with the observation that Herrera got something like 60% of the Clark County vote.

What he left out, following the all-too-typical pattern of the democratian, was the inconvenient truth that Barbie ran against a weak, unsupported democrat who had no money and the scorn of the Neo-Communist, radical fringe-left "Molehill" Moeller wing of the Clark County democrats. (Full-Disclosure: I voted for him since first, he was strongly opposed to the CRC Scam (Which is opart of why the local neo-communists opposed him, ideological purity notwithstanding) and this guy was at least honest enough to let it be known he was a full-on democrat otherwise, while Barbie does her best to hide it. Truth gets style points from me... which is why I despise Herrera.)

Perspective, Greg.  The use of all the facts... not just the ones you like.  You may be a huge part of that when-rape-is-inevitable crowd: the rest of the American people?

Not so much.

In reality, the Local GOP's effort didn't go nearly far enough.  When Ridgefield Barbie stupidly endorsed Marc Boldt's re-election after the GOP booted his leftist butt out, the Local GOP SHOULD have kicked her out then under the obvious guise of retaliation for her disrespect of the Local GOP.

Her political, leftist treason on that issue OR this issue is should be enough to kick her out and send a message to every member of Congress who trades political expedience for political principle.  And that would absolutely be the right thing to do... Greg's "worry" notwithstanding.

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Lew Waters said...

Chastising Herrera was very much the right thing to do. We were sold out in many ways, including the Republicans in the House abdicating congressional oversight of the debt to Obama, a disaster in the making alone.

But, the main question I keep coming back to, why is it only Republicans expected to or being called upon to be "moderate?"

Where is the condemnation of Democrats over their many chastising and calls for ousting any who work with Republicans?

Why do we never hear of a need for "moderate" Democrats?