Friday, February 15, 2013

Herrera Reality Check: the Pearson Bill is DOA.

Folks, I hate to tell you this: Herrera's bill is next to worthless... and like her faux stand on the CRC, she damned well knows it.

Here's the thing: even if she actually makes any headway on this bill (doubtful with a democrat-controlled Senate... and let's remember: it has to pass BOTH Houses) it will take years.  And then it will require the President's signature.... like he would sign a GOP hero bill?

Once again, the gullibles at the democratian babble about a move that, effectively, does.... absolutely... nothing.

But once again, she gets the unwashed masses to believe she's actually doing something with this splashy, yet foolish, effort to once again confuse motion... with action.

This bill has precisely zero chance.  None.

Unlike Herrera's ability to, and decision NOT to spike CRC funding has she continues to ignore her fake promise to treat loot rail plans based on the CRC scam tax recently destroyed at the polls... she has zero ability to make this happen.  In fact, she's such a congressional joke that she has LESS than zero of a chance to make this happen, because her best bet would have been to work this behind the scenes through the honey of actual discussions/negotiations with the National Park Service to persuade them to relent instead of the public effort to beat them to death with a club.

In fact, this is a rookie mistake that has done far more harm than good.

And that sentiment will likely be on Herrera's political tombstone.

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