Saturday, February 16, 2013

The latest episode of the Columbian/CRC shillers are scum.

So, the despicable rag of a daily paper would like to have the unknowing believe that everyone testifying in Olympia was for this idiotic, massive waste of time, effort, energy and money.

They weren't, and every single one of them testifying for this steaming pile lied, exaggerated, twisted or ignored the facts that would cast their lies in a bad light.

First, as we all know by now, the CRC is a scam to get loot rail into Vancouver.  Every other reason, every other spin, every other spin they put on it?

A flat out lie.

The rag, as you might expect, merely mouthed the lies of the CRC shillers.  The reasons those punks gave weren't "reasons."  Pridemore's tale amounts to eyewash; justifies nothing, excuses nothing.... utterly worthless.

Pridemore's lies about "painstaking negotiations" amount to one of the biggest lies of all: the deal was loot rail for a new bridge.  Period.

I know it; those paying attention to it know it, and Pridemore knows it.  His lies were eyewash... and they were lies.

Stuart, who will be destroyed in the next election if he runs again, completely overlooked a few facts: the CRC not only has ignored public input, they were directed to do so as far back as 2005.

Naturally, when the "don't build it" option is ignored, then so are the rest of the alternatives that make much more sense, both financially and in terms of relieving the pressure on the Portland-Metro I-5 corridor.

Pridemore is no longer in office: he's just a face and no more a CRC "heavy hitter" than my spaniel.

Paul Montague of Identity Vancouver is a proven liar, busted by me in the Battle Ground Town Hall meeting and knowing full-well of the Oregon State Supreme Court decision that lays out the specifics on how the people of Clark County are getting screwed.


The only one there telling the truth was Tiffany Couch.  Her analysis of the swindle sheets of the  CRC is dead on and show the depth of the corruption and theft these others all support.

Frankly, I'm ashamed of Stuart, Montague, Boyd, Hammond, Hamm and the other liars who lack even a pretense of integrity in their efforts to ram this abortion down our throats.


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