Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The message of the so-called "path to citizenship."

I'm a simple guy.... kinda black and white, relatively straight forward.

Some people hate that in me... many to the left of Mao here locally, for example, despise me.  In fact, a moron lying about his identity is shilling Lefty Lou's hit piece(s) on me from some 3.5 years ago... even now.

Why?  Who knows?

Who cares?

But that said, I have a problem with the leftist effort to dissolve our borders.  And a dying GOP had better be careful and have a problem with it as well.

First and foremost, I will not support anyone running for office who caves on the illegal alien issue or the Obamacare issue or the debt/spending issue.

Any RINO voting for that garbage (You listening, Herrera, you putz?) will be opposed by me and my money and time and effort.

And that also applies to the "why bother" issues of debt, spending and illegal aliens.

It's clear that the leftists in both parties are only concerned about democrat votes.  The RINO's, having caved to Obama on absolutely everything possible, will no doubt cave to him on this: gutless scum will typically cave.

But the idea about a "path to citizenship" as a part of that slimeball's amnesty program is the line that cannot be crossed.

We know that moron will assure the GOP that he'll strengthen the borders and then do nothing so his cartel buddies will get free reign.  After all, wasn't this the same guy who stood there many times and lied to the American people... repeatedly... about Obamacare?  Lies that the GOP are letting him get away with?

I get that the RINO's (Particularly those from heavy hispanic districts who would sell their souls to stay in office, what's best for this country be damned.) will sell us out to stay in DC.  But the GOP is hanging by a thread out here in the grass roots.  Our local cardboard cutout of a congresswoman has sold us out repeatedly and, if she runs, could be walking into a fan of her own making... and her own locating.

Because what Obama wants us to do is simply to reward those who piss on the laws of this country merely by being here... who are costing the taxpayers billions as it is... and who, if they're given this gift because of their skin color and nationality, will result in additional millions stressing our infrastructure and additional tens of billions to pay for them.

Sickening.  But then, that's what has characterized this lying scumbag's entire time in office.

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