Thursday, October 31, 2013

FWIW: my votes (updated). (added "no" on 522)

Until today, I was ambivalent about 522... but when it brings out the celebrity fringe left nutters who don't even live here?

That moved me to "no" on 522. 

Well, here's the list.  If anything is left off, it's because I didn't vote for it.

I-517 - Yes.

I-522 - No

"No" on all the state advisory votes.

District 2 Freeholders:

Seat 1: Hann

Seat 2:

Seat 3: Pike

Seat 4: Nelson

Seat 5: Miller

Hockinson School Board: Nordberg.

County Advisory Votes:

Vote 1: Loot Rail


This has confusing wording: The yes/no issue should mean "yes" I support light rail,  or "no" I do not.  The result could be based on that confusion.

Vote 2: Yes

Vote 3: Yes

Vote 4:  No

Vote 5:

Vote 6:  No

The blanks are likely to be filled in before I take it in.


heather said...

What a ridiculous way to decide on an issue, although, so much easier than actually doing your research. Congrats on letting pettiness drive your vote.

Just a guy said...

Like pettiness drove your response?

Got it.