Thursday, October 24, 2013

How did we in the WA03 become cursed with such an utterly worthless Congresswoman?

She just gets done shooting off her pie hole with utter idiocy concerning Obamacare, which has blown up in her face.  Now were being switched to the even more bizarre garbage concerning her failure to act on the CRC?  

There is nothing more worthless than a Congresswoman “expressing concerns” about anything in government. 

She should have just sent an email… and saved the paper.   That clanking sound you just heard was the Commandant of the Coast Guard round-filing her “concerns” this time as much as he did LAST time.

One thing our worthless waste of skin representative in Congress is reasonably good at, is the fine art of practicing “bright, shiny, object politics”.

Obama care is blowing up in this nation’s face; so what is this idiot babbling about now?

Her concerns on the CRC.  Which, I am assured, will impact the situation as much as the last time she expressed her concerns on the CRC.

She’s been in elective office since 2007, and has done absolutely nothing that matters about her “concerns.”

She jumped all over that waste of time concerning the Pearson Air Museum.  A worthless bill done entirely for self-aggrandizing public relations which was a worthless effort as I laid out at the time. 

And where is that bill now?

Precisely where I said it would be: nowhere.  Her grandstanding is sickening.

All of her "concerns" notwithstanding, What Has She Done?

Where is her bill to mandate the bridge height be high enough so that mitigation payments of tens of millions of dollars won’t be necessary?

Where is her bill to strip loot rail off this scam?

Where is her effort to demand through legislation that the Coast Guard follow maritime law... and not political nuance to issue this permit?  

In fact, where is her bill to defund the CRC scam altogether?

It’s nowhere.  None of these things are important enough to her to get her to act legislatively.  And acting legislatively is the only thing that matters.  Her “concerns” are as worthless as she is.

I sincerely hope that she is in fact going to be primaried.  The fact that her largest contributors are bridge contractors?  (Kiewit… and she is the Number One recipient of their money in the US.)

Well, that does tend to speak for itself, doesn’t it?

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