Thursday, March 22, 2018

In addition to theft charges, evictions, abysmal performance on LDD's and the liike, Davey can't seem to update the GOP website.

You've got to wonder why the GOP puts up with this slimeball.

Four counts of theft, bail jumping, evictions...quite the guy.

That said, his cult would keep him on the job if he got popped for armed robbery.

But let's wander on over to the GOP website that Delete micromanages... as abysmally as everything else he screws up... and THAT is a LOOOOOONG list.

Let's take a look at the latest candidate list.  Does it seem accurate to you?

For example:

Who are the GOP candidates for the US Senate?

Don't know?  I guess he doesn't either, because at least 2 Republicans have been announced for weeks.  In Davey's world, this is what it says:

There are at least two Republicans announced against Cantwell, including our own local Joey Gibson.

See that here?

And, of course, the local leftist county chair, Marc Boldt.

Do you suppose the clueless moron running this show was unaware that another Republican council member, Eileen Quiring, had also announced several weeks ago?

You wouldn't know it by checking out this website.  And, of course, in the RINO world, Boldt isn't SUPPOSED to have a GOP opponent... at least, according to Davey:

And the other thing still missing from under Boldt's name?

Odd, isn't it?  That the local GOP apparently didn't "need" an "R candidate" to run against Boldt. Was some sort of deal made the night Boldt was invited to the GOP soiree' that Davey is so proud of?

How else can the lack of effort to get someone to run against Boldt be described?

And when they got one anyway, what did Davey do?

Ignored it.

Nah... there's no corruption here.  Local GOP scum jack our taxes through the roof like they're all named Moeller and what does Davey do about it?


A state senator (Rivers) allegedly Republican, gets hired by a DEMOCRAT campaign firm while in the MIDDLE of negotiating a $5 BILLION giveaway to the WEA and what does Davey do about it?


When the head guy is incompetent, I suppose we shouldn't expect anything different.  And with THIS guy... an ego-maniac so moronic that he didn't even respond to the AG's lawsuit in any kind of timely manner?  Resulting in a $70,000+ fine?

It's a damned good thing a democrat doesn't run this show.  Because if he did, why, the GOP might be sitting on candidates, failing to respond to AG lawsuits and trashing the Lincoln Day Dinner.

Just like Davey.

Is it any wonder the democratian doesn't say anything about Davey's criminal and civil background?  Why would they want to get rid of him, since he runs the show like the leftists are paying him?

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