Tuesday, March 06, 2018

March 5 has come and gone, time to round up and deport the DACA illegals.

Those politically aware already have at least some knowledge of the DACA illegals, how Obama put together an illegal program designed to dramatically increase democrat turn out at the polls, an effort followed around the country since no effort is made or required for those registering to vote to prove their nationality.

Democrats call any such effort racism.  The very idea of actually proving who one is and where one is from is so burdensome as to be quite unnecessary, security of the American voting process notwithstanding, and well-known efforts in California to register illegal aliens aside.

Those actually paying attention to DACA, the so-called "Deferred Action for the equally so-called Childhood Arrivals," are well aware that it is an illegal program that even Obama himself indicated was unconstitutional for the length of his regime until such time as he actually implemented it.

But President Trump knows this.  He drew HIS line in the sand on this issue form March 5, 2018.

The question is simple: the line has been crossed.  Now what?

As many as some two million people are here illegally under this made-up, fringe-left, open-border crap show. The first letter of the word, DACA, does not stand for "amnesty," nor does it stand for "free pass," or "citizenship."

The first letter stands for "deferred."  DACA was never supposed to be a permanent solution to the open amnesty the leftists so desperately wanted.  Well, time is up.

Rewarding those here illegally for actually BEING here illegally is why we have SO many here illegally.

Well, Mr. President, time's up.  You're going to get the blame for anything you do, so get the blame for enforcing the law and ending this charade.

Nobody forced those people to come here.  With the demise of DACA, they are no different than any other illegal alien from anywhere else under any other pretense.

Mr. President, your credibility is on the line, here.  As you know, Obama quickly lost his; first, by being a bald-faced liar and next, by failing to follow through on his promises or pledges... either in domestic OR foreign policy.

You must avoid that trap.  And that means you must act and do what is necessary to enforce the laws of the United States.

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