Friday, March 16, 2018

The democratian's incessant whining on the CRC/Loot Rail scam.

Leftist butthurt is ALWAYS long-lasting.  The fact that they only care about their own agenda, be they a local leftist organ like the Columbian, a leftist network like NBC and their derivatives along with CNN and the like, is the thing.

They don't care what the people want.  They don't want to allow us to have impacts on these policy decisions if the perspectives offered don't align with their agenda.

The rag is whining because no one in the Legislature who can make any difference bothered to listen to the local downtown mafia's sniveling.

The local legislative mafia, the RINO clique that has thrown us all under the bus as they jump through their master's hoops... Rivers, Wilson, Harris, Vick... ignoring the dictates of their districts which have repeatedly asked "what part of 'no' don't you get?"

The attitudes toward those of us who've stood fast in our opposition to this ever-growing fiscal waste of billions remain one of contempt.

Who can forget John "Cockroach" Laird, a former mouth-breathing knuckle-dragger of an editorial page editor for the Daily Democrat declaring: "We should all live as long as the Third Bridge Cockroach."

That has always been and clearly, will continue to always be their editorial position.

So, the rag whines that the democrats, who control the entirety of state government, didn't jump through the mafia's hoops.

The bogus efforts that stand in direct opposition to the will of the people of this county failed.

Replacing the I-5 Bridge, of course, has zero "statewide significance."  After all, when it's all said and done, most of the Legislature is well aware of the fact that the I-5 Bridge scam will do absolutely nothing to decrease congestion or increase freight mobility.  And even if it did, that would not benefit anyone outside of Clark County.

And of course, by now, most legislators are aware of the fact that this is nothing more nor less than a light rail project... where none of the numbers add up.

The rag quotes an ad hoc, unofficial group of downtown mafia types who snivel:
“We are fast approaching a place in time where our I-5 Replacement Bridge Project will either come together, allowing us to capitalize on the millions of working hours and dollars already expended, or will end with a whimper, sending everything back to start over again.”
One can only hope.

It needed to end with a whimper years ago.  But the RINO clique infesting us like vermin sold out. Somehow, what was so wrong years ago when they fought successfully to end it has now suddenly became so right.

For them.

Nothing has changed, of course: the problems with getting rid of a serviceable, already-paid-for bridge and replacing it with a gateway for loot rail to infect Clark County with its wasted billions of OUR dollars remains as moronic and idiotic... not to mention against the same county-wide opposition now... as it did when it was rightfully killed off in the Legislature then.

We already know some of these people can be bought.  It was just a matter of price and method of payment.

The I-5 Bridge does not need to be replaced.  As a proud member of the "Cockroaches" who knows that the short term solution is a third bridge to the Hillsboro region across the river; that building such a bridge would relieve a huge amount of traffic on both the I-5 Bridge and the I-5 corridor, the reality is clear.

Every one of the scum that sold us out in Olympia... particularly those falsely claiming to be "Republican," need to be removed from office and replaced with those who would actually represent the repeatedly-expressed will of the people of their districts.

And that will is simple: do not replace the I-5 Bridge.

These fake Republicans are as dishonest as "Theft 3" Gellatly.  Some, such as Rivers, have lied outright about what they've claimed they are going to do for us... when instead, they've been doing it TOO us.

The I-5 Bridge shouldn't be anywhere close to the table, let alone on it, and these people know it.

But they don't care because they don't give a damn about us when we get in the way of their agenda.

Much like the local newspaper, come to think of it.

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