Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The rare ask: Please pray for Luke Jensen, my 9 year old cousin who doesn't have much time left.

I've lived a rough life. But I've also lived a long one. I've seen a lot and done a lot. I've been about everywhere I've a mind to go, courtesy of the military; and I'm mostly proud to be an American.

But I married into a huge family. And one of the family is a fine, upstanding young man named Luke Jensen.

Luke has fought in more wars during his short time on this earth than I ever saw during my 14 years in the military. He has the scars, has shed the tears, has felt the pain and the fear of 3 bouts of AML leukemia. He has faced enemies that make mine pale in comparison.

He has been the strongest person I have ever known.

I don't pray much. But I pray for Luke.

I haven't seen him enough, or played video games with him enough, or read to him enough, or helped his wonderful mom and dad and younger brother and sister (Who both gave bone marrow) enough.

But I wish I had.

Sometimes, I get caught up in all of this. The passions, the anger, the fear of losing a country blind me to the things that are just as important.

Luke is so tired just now. It hurts so much. I would do anything to take this burden from him. I would cheerfully bear it myself if I could find a way.

It's just.... not... fair.

It's hard to see the keyboard through my tears just now because I can't type. It's a hunt and peck kind of thing.

I ask you all, I plead with you all... I beg of you all... remember this little boy who never harmed anyone or hurt anything in your prayers. Keep him in your thoughts. Uphold him to The Lord.

His friends are all gone, since they've all lost their battle to the vicious killer that is AML. But he's surrounded by his family and the thoughts of thousands on Facebook and Caring Bridge.

He's just a little boy. Please, please, please.... pray for him.


LewWaters said...

Poor little guy. Words escape me, but rest assured, he is my thoughts and prayers as well.

Just a guy said...

Thanks, Lew... its appreciated.

Unknown said...

This is such a tragedy and you can count on my prayers, for you and for him.