Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Jon Russell at his finest: Fired city finance director to receive $9,167 for 5 months.

Jon Russell, who will be best known for being humiliated in the upcoming Congressional primary if he doesn't wise up and get out, makes no bones about using his exalted position as a Washougal City Councilman as a campaign prop whenever the mood strikes.

Up to now, Russell's political career has included making thousands off an effort to ram the largest tax increase in SW Washington history down our throats by consulting for the Port campaign in their miserable effort in the Port Levy, his rank incompetence of fiscal oversight of the city's checkbook along with clumsily tossing Stacy Sellers under the first available bus the moment his lax oversight resulted in documented illegal expenditures that became public.

To that, we can add this idiocy:

Washougal OKs deal with ex-finance director

Fired in December, he will get severance of $9,167 per month for five months

Fired in December, he will get severance of $9,167 per month for five months

A dispute about whether Washougal’s former finance director was fired with or without cause resulted in an agreement entitling Jeffrey Bivens to five months severance pay.

The Washougal City Council and Bivens came to an agreement Dec. 29 after weeks of severance negotiations. Bivens’ employment contract stated he would receive three months pay if he was fired with cause and six months pay if the termination was without cause. But because the two parties couldn’t agree on the firing or whether Bivens’ original employment contract was voided by his inability to obtain insurance coverage, the city will pay Bivens $9,167 per month for five months, according to the agreement. Bivens’ annual salary is $110,000.

More here.

Not one to miss the opportunity to send out a press release or blog his latest "accomplishment" (based entirely on his campaign, as opposed to what's best for the people of Washougal) I, unfortunately, missed his latest spin on shelling out $50,000 taxpayer dollars on a guy he should never have been allowed to hire in the first place.

I, for one, can't wait.

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LewWaters said...

Maybe I can get Jon to hire me, then fire me after a couple months and pay me close to $50,000.

I could handle that.

How anybody but his mother could support him is beyond me.

I hear now Denny Heck has thrown his hat in the ring too.

Heck officially running in crowded 3rd district race