Monday, April 12, 2010

More evidence Mair has joined the Herrera staff.

As I pointed out, Mair's been writing like Herrera has been paying her directly.

More evidence of that is available here.

And my response to Liz is "so what?"

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LewWaters said...

I've lost respect for Liz over her "clandestine" hawking for Herrera.

Why doesn't she mention Herrera took no public stance on illegal immigration until after I called her on it a couple weeks ago?

Why isn't she questioning Herrera accepting not only $500 from the SEIU in 2008, but also $800 from the AFSCME that same year and then co-sponsoring and voting for a bill to force childcare into those same unions?

She minimalizes Castillo's accomplisments in endorsements and when he called on Denny heck to make his position known on the Healthcare fiasco, nearly a month before Herrera made the same call.

Maybe too, she didn't do her homework on Rossi to see that he lost by a large margin in 2008, not close like it was in 2004.

While I like what Dino has done over the years, he is not a godsend end all to end all in Washington politics.

2008 showed him he doesn't have the support he thought he had.

He needs to announce one way or the other and let those who are holding back in anticipation begin choosing who they will really support.

All Dino is doing now is ensuring Murry will retain our seat in the Senate.