Monday, June 30, 2014

Memo to the C3G2 hate group:

Unless, apparently, you're me or David Madore.  Then we have to hold ourselves up to be
beaten like a piƱata.
Amazing how they only want this to apply to others... and not themselves.

But, hypocrisy does seem to be a major vein over there.

Here's the thing: I get that being outed can be uncomfortable.  I also get that their group is completely mislabeled and their goal is to, at minimum, politically destroy those opposed to them.

But at the end of the day, anyone watching these people know that their singular goal... to begin with... is the destruction of David Madore.

They can't do it on a legal basis, since he hasn't done anything illegal, so instead they're choosing this route.

But it's no coincidence that their sole focus of attention has been in the direction of the county commissioners they oppose.   You know, something a little more accurate such as "Clark County Leftists bent on destroying those they oppose" or something.  They'd have been money ahead if they'd just said so from the beginning, instead of trying to cover their perfidy with a name that includes a noble cause.

After all, transparency should be their watchword as well, and the hypocrisy of exercising their "right" to censor THEIR private facebook page while somehow finding it horrific if David Madore utilizes the same privileges on his own facebook page goes part and parcel with both their double standard AND their purpose in setting up this group in the first place.

Many thanks to Chuck Green, however, for helping to drive my readership numbers up.

Much appreciated.

Meanwhile, reveling in the hypocrisy biz does nothing to further your cause.  You don't allow others you disagree with to post on YOUR private facebook page, and that is your privilege.

Others, including David Madore, don't want to allow you to try and blow up his facebook page, and that is HIS privilege.

His reasoning for that in no way has to meet with your approval, any more than your reasoning for censoring those opposed to your legalized coup attempt has to meet with the approval of those so designated.

Memo: get over it, and get over yourselves.

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Lew Waters said...

Maybe they could take a refresher course from a third grader on just what the First Amendment applies to.

It leaves me shaking my head reading them whine about their freedom of speech being curtailed by being banned from commenting on someone's personal page, followed by them boasting how they ban others from posting on their personal pages.

As I keep saying, if it wasn't for double standards, they would have no standards at all.