Monday, June 30, 2014

C3G2 seems upset to be outed as a "hate group."

There are, of course, a variety of definitions to the term "hate group."

For example, one could call a group a "hate group" if their primary purpose is to promote animosity, hostility and/or malice towards a person or group of people involving differing races, genders, nationality, sexual orientation, ages, or politics.

The so-called "Clark County Citizens for Good Governance" is one such group.  Their biggest target is GOP Commissioner David Madore, with somewhat less vitriol aimed at GOP Commissioner Tom Mielke.

While they claim to be focuses on what they believe to be "good governance," their concern for "good governance" doesn't seem to extend much beyond Commissioner Madore.  For example, the city council of Vancouver rather stupidly rammed a $33,000 yearly pay raise down the throat of the city manager... because, well, making more money than the Governor of this state wasn't enough apparently, so they had to jack local taxpayers to give him a raise exceeding the median income for most workers here in Clark County.

While that kind of stupidity merited a mention on the C3G2 hate site, that's all it was.  No other effort has been made, no demands for recalls, no protests... no nothing.  Because, after all, as stupid as it was, it was implemented and voted for by their fellow leftists.

And their fellow leftists inevitably get a pass.

The purpose of this group is to interfere with county government, overturn the election of November 2012, and to reestablish democrat control over the county commission.

Points of view that do not align with that goal are not allowed.  Those who have a differing view are, essentially, attacked, belittled and frequently banned.

Commissioner Madore is denied the right to post on this facebook page, as are local conservative blogger Lew Waters and myself, likely among others.

The whole point is to reduce the political power of the person they view as the biggest threat to leftist political power in the entire county.

As a result, there is no attack of any kind off limits and a great deal of attention paid to David Madore generally while they pay no attention to anyone listed as "democrat" or known to BE a democrat anywhere in local government... a failure that puts the obvious lie to the group's name.

They are also going to rapidly support the legal coup attempt known as the county charter vote, and there is no lie, no exaggeration and no attack they will not use to suck people into passing it.  I oppose the charter effort.

As a group, they are driven exclusively by leftist partisan politics and powered exclusively by hate.

Thus, it's easy to refer to this hate group AS a hate group, since their ultimate aim has noting to do with "good governance," and everything to do with the typical fringe-left politics we've come to despise.

And that's a shame, really.  because had they actually lived up to their name, and put ALL governance on their radar screen instead of the selective variety they engage in, they actually could have been of value to this community.

But such a discussion would require examination of governance where the desire of the people is ignored.  It would have required examining the democrat concept of ignoring the people as Steve "I only speak for Steve" Stuart proudly proclaimed.

It would involve discussing the juvenile antics of fellow haters who attack the commissioners in every imaginable way short of physical, including the hatred of the commissioners expressed by the editor of the daily democrat.

But there's no interest in such a discussion when  partisan hatred drives your gig.  And any group engaging in partisan hatred is, by definition, a hate group.  And that the members of the hate group in question don't like that characterization is, well, their problem.

They can feel free to do something about it.  They can, in fact, change their focus and their rules and live up to the grandiose name.

Or, they can remain what they are: they certainly have that right.

Much like I have the right to call them out on it.


Lew Waters said...

As I showed over on my blog, they are even complaining now that Ed Barnes was chosen to replace Steve Stuart, their effort at manipulating the process backfiring on them.

They really are pitiful little things.

Jack Buckmeir said...

Barnes makes an ass out of himself, all by hisself.