Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yet another blog weighs in: Herrera is "Washington State's SEIU Bought Republican"

It's not just Lew Waters and I sounding the clarion call that Ridgefield Barbie votes more like a stealth leftist than an alleged Republican.

This week, Herrera/McMorris-Rogers/Vanderstoep's campaign has been leaking more buzz then a toddler who's already endured 90 minutes of Avatar.

As the word finally gets out, more and more are viewing our local cardboard cut-out of a state representative/congressmember wannabe with something other than the anointment she so desperately believes is hers.

Herrera has no more business as a state representative, or a member of congress, then she does practicing brain surgery. Getting coffee for McMorris for a couple of years does no qualify her or anyone else to be in congress. Utilizing a corrupted appointment process to get the rep's job in the first place; running and co-sponsoring SEIU (Read: ACORN) legislation; having others vote in your absence so you SEEM to be there when, instead, you're making fund raising calls rather than representing US; admitting in her appointment process that she would be a "friend to organized labor," and then lying to everyone by proclaiming there wasn't "a job in the world" she'd "rather have," all of these things pile up on a girl.

Other conservatives are seeing the light: this has arguably been the worst week, hopefully one of many, that the empty suit from Ridgefield has endured since her keepers cut her loose on a previously unsuspecting public.

But now, the word is getting out. Now, all of a sudden, the strings wrapped around her by McMorris-Rogers and Vanderstoep are beginning to unravel. The latest example?

Rightcha here, hot off the Publius' Forum:

"Washington State’s SEIU Bought Republican"

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-By Warner Todd Huston

On February 24, Moe Lane posted a short piece alerting one and all to the fact that one of the Republican candidates for Washington State’s 3rd Congressional District is a favorite of the hard-core lefties in the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) — one of Obama’s favorite Big Labors cohorts. Mr. Lane, though, was sure that Jaime Herrera “regrets that endorsement now.” Unfortunately, I am not so sanguine because Herrera has been far more compliant with Big Labor’s goals than is evident from what Lane might have thought was a mere wayward endorsement.

There is a reason, it appears, that the SEIU endorsed Herrera. As a Republican she seems to be far more one of them than one of us at least as far as Big Labor’s needs go!

Moe Lane cited the Clark County Politics blog on the SEIU’s endorsement, but if you don’t want to believe the CCPblog — admittedly a right leaning site — here is a Progressive Voters Guide for Washington and here is the Voters Guide for Equal Rights Washington, both left-wing groups that show SEIU support for Herrera. On top of that here is SEIU Local 1199 NW’s endorsement page which also announces its endorsement of Herrera.

Much, Much, more:

Frankly this is a tremendous bit of research that proves the leftist infestation in Ridgefield Barbie is much stronger than I suspected. And why vote for a fake democrat when the real thing is available?

Who knows? Maybe democrat State Representative Jim Moeller (D-49) will hold a fundraiser... for Herrera, since they've got so much in common.

The wheels are loosening on her little wagon. Hopefully, if we keep the pressure on and continue to spread the word, those wheels will come off altogether.

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