Friday, January 01, 2010

The answer? Guess which 3rd congressional candidate has run on this platform.

A few days ago, I put a quiz together:

Guess which 3rd congressional candidate has run on this platform.

First, the lie:

"There is not a job in the world I would rather have."

Second, the positions:

Would oppose a public vote on a gas tax increase.


"Would be a friend to organized labor."


opposes tough enforcement of meth laws over treatment.


Ignorance of the Growth Management Act's impacts at the county level.

Guess which one, congressional guessers.
I won't keep you in any more suspense.

Why, it's Jamie Herrera.

The empty-suited, absolutely-unqualified-to-represent-a-5th-grade-class Jaime Herrera.

So, if you're looking to elect "a friend to organized labor" or someone who would support increasing a gas tax without a vote or someone who doesn't know diddly about Growth Management... But more importantly, if you're looking for an out right liar who told us "there was not a job in the world she would rather have," then this empty-suited puppet moron is your MUST choose.

Let's remember, kids, the ENTIRE reason for her coming back here after a ten year absence of being a professional intern was to get her less than paper-thin resume' at least SOME depth for her, at some point, congressional run.

Herrera lacked the guts to take on Baird directly, of course, because Baird would have chewed this light weight up and spit her out. But ever the political opportunist who is a rank LIAR (So, Jaime, there really ISN'T a job you'd rather have? Then tell us, why are you abandoning us, your constituents, after a such a brief stint as our representative, again?) Herrera HAD to jump on this chance like someone in a trailer park jumping on a $20.

See, this goes to the heart of the matter. From the moment she arrived and began her orchestrated-by-outside-interests, corrupt campaign to get the appointment; to her getting the job and firing an LA for being "too old," until now, it's NEVER been about US; it's ALWAYS been about HER.

So, by all means. When you vote, keep in mind her SEIU supported, "friend to organized labor" RINO votes in the legislature. Keep in mind that she doesn't eat a bagel unless shes been told too by Cathy McMorris and or Jay Vander Stoop. Keep in mind that none of this is about us...

... instead, it's all about her.

And frankly, I don't want this lying waste of skin in my government.

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