Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Apparently, Herrera doesn't understand that we have a top two primary system here in WA.

Sources tell me that Jamie Herrera's people have managed to make the deal Zarelli was after, and he is now actually endorsing the 18th District's own version of the empty suit.

Why anyone would want the anchor of such an endorsement around their campaign neck is certainly a mystery, but then, Herrera has never shown herself to be the brightest bulb on the tree.

The question is this: does such an endorsement help Herrera... or hurt her?

I believe it will hurt her, but then, she has no chance anyway, so a better question will be "How Much?"

Zarelli's days of, well, accepting thousands of dollars he shouldn't have taken will never leave him. It's unlikely that he could win anywhere else except the 18th, Where the GOP could run a barn-headed ape and it would win if it had an "R" after it's name.

So, District and Party wide, what does that type of integrity-challenged endorsement do for Herrera?

Well, it's been shown that she's no slouch at wasting taxpayer dollars. Her ability to exaggerate is beyond that of most politicians, and her record of being a mile wide and an inch deep isn't changed by any of this.

Combine these together and you come up with a net-minus.

So, congrats. Whatever the pay off was, I sincerely hope it was worth it.


LewWaters said...

It looks like the party machine has decided it is going to be cute little Jaime already. Chris Vance, chair as we lost so many elections and now listing himself as a "politcal consultant" wrote an article for today, Republican hopes are rising for 2010.

In it, he mentions that Herrera has us "excited" and that she is a "rising star."

We are also told "She has hired much of the same political team that worked on both Rossi campaigns for governor."

Although Rossi won the 3rd both runs for governor, uh, he did drop nearly 4% of the votes in 2008 than he received in 2004.

Anonymous said...

What exactly is "the deal Zarelli was after?" For the life of me I can't figure out what a 1-term state representative who is not running for re-election can offer a 4-term senator. The only thing Jaime has that she could give to Joe is something not legal outside of Nevada. But I know Jaime and I know that's not what she's offering, so could you please let us know what the deal was, lest people who do not know Jaime assume it is something it is not?

Just a guy said...
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