Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Memo to Melanie Kenoyer: State employees should get a pay CUT... not a pay raise.

I rarely respond to LTE's in the Columbian. This nonsense from Clark County Sheriff's Sergeant Melanie Kenoyer, however, takes the cake.
Rep. Joe Zarelli, R-Ridgefield, proposes to deny custodians who earn $25,000 a year and other state employees a 5 percent contractual raise in 2010. (Dec. 16 story, “Many state workers in line for raises.”)
It's, uh, SENATOR, Sergeant. Not "Rep."

That said, ALL government employees, INCLUDING YOU, should not only NOT get pay raises... you all should take pay CUTS.

I have no problem with people taking shots at Zarelli. I've taken a few, and will continue to take some here on this very blog. But his issues with his unemployment have nothing to do with taking the RIGHT position on government employee pay raises.

And government employees, INCLUDING democrat police officers/deputies, need to understand that you serve US; not the other way around.

We are in the midst of a horrific recession. Massive unemployment and cutbacks are the order of the day... small business is getting hammered... and all people like Kenoyer can do is whine about not getting a horrific 5% pay INCREASE?

Clearly, Kenoyer is as clueless about the economy and the role of government workers as she is about Zarelli's office.

Tell you what, Kenoyer. You don't think you're getting paid enough? ANY government employee think they're not getting paid enough?

Then quit.

We'll be well rid of your bizarre positions, which are SUPPOSED to be in service to US, and any one of the hundreds of people applying to fill your positions would be thrilled to get your job not only at your current level of pay, but at ANY level of pay.

"Pay raise?" Stop sniveling like a little punk and thank God you even HAVE a job... that pays ANYTHING.

Because millions in this country can't say they do.

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