Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Stonier's Seattle fundraiser = disaster.

It was a big deal, I guess.

A Command Performance.

Like most democrats around here in the legislature, Seattle and union hack money foots the bill.

It's the mutual back-scratching of politics: unions pay for democrats, democrats sell us out with unsustainable, undeserved pay raises and benefits, and the circle is unbroken.

So, with heavy hitters like Chopp and the other fringe-leftist nutters on that list, you'd expect more money... different money... would come in.

You'd be wrong.  And for Stonier, this has to be a HUGE disappointment.

Remember: the tariff was supposed to be $1900 per union and $500 per person.

Well, SEIU, who loves to waste the money of the members enslaved by our labor laws, actually kicked in the $1900.

But no other group did.  And this points out the stupidity of this effort:

Stonier would have got the union money anyway.

And no one... not one person showing up... (And it seems that outside of the people throwing this particular goat rope, very few bothered to show) paid the "suggested" $500.

Even the Senate Democrat leader only gave her $50.

None of this bodes particularly well for Stonier, who, even with her massive Seattle money, continues to lag behind Lynda Wilson in dollars overall, and certainly, dollars from plain folks.

What should have raised at least $20,000 raised cab fare instead.

And how sad is that?

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