Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Think Bully Losingham gives a damn about the people?

Think again.

Bully's speech at the dem goat rope established her as a jerk. But this takes it to a new level.

Unlike this slimeball, I actually did constituency work for 6 years in the Washington State House of Representatives.

As then-Rep. Marc Boldt's Legislative Assistant, I literally had hundreds of constituency contacts and cases, fighting for the people of the district on almost every imaginable subject.

Problems huge... problems small. Each and every contact from the people of the 17th District was a top priority. Problems as big as putting families back together. Problems as small as getting Marc to show up for a 3rd grader's show and tell in his school.

Today, Bully Losingham gave us a glimpse of the contempt with which she she holds the people generally and the people of the 18th District particularly..

Simply put, in addition to being a Tim Leavitt-like liar, she also doesn't give a damn about the people she would "represent" (using the term advisedly.)

On the democratian's political beat blog is a story. It's the story of one of Rep. Liz Pike's constituents who, having an issue, contacted Rep. Pike over the problem of people letting their dogs run around in grocery carts in stores.

This woman was furious that such a thing was allowed to happen, given the hygiene issues with animals and food containers having been in the same cart.

Somehow, the paper came across the email stream between this constituent and her state representative, and brought to light how Rep. Pike took the time to get involved and address this constituent's concerns.

Loserham, once again grinding her teeth at this positive, earned media, couldn't help herself. Anyone who could refer to her own daughter as "it" can't be expected, I suppose, to do (or know) any better.

Here's how she responded to this story... a story that shows how important each and every constituent in the 18th District is to Rep. Pike... and how UNimportant they are to Bully.

Clearly, what this means is that Losingham would have ignored this woman.

This constituent's problem isn't important enough to Bully.

So, she has to be sarcastic about Rep. Pike's efforts to help this woman.

And like every other issue confronting the people of the 18th, Bully offers absolutely nothing constructive... nothing that would help... nothing that would have served this constituent one wit.

As Greg pointed out, it reinforces the pettiness that marks Bully's campaign.  It's the kind of contempt Bully expresses to everyone in every way.  It's why, for example, she's ignored my questions and those of many others who've asked her about issues over the past several months.

It shows how utterly worthless she would be as a state representative, how contemptuous she is of the little guy, and how much of a worthless human being she truly is.

Greg was right.  And Maureen, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

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