Friday, January 03, 2014

More Obama insanity: Justice Department approves licensing illegal aliens as lawyers.

In yet another sign of the insanity infesting us in the guise of the Obama Administration, the Justice Department has approved licensing a known illegal alien as a lawyer in the state of California.

In this case, not only do they know this man is an illegal alien (He, personally, made a big deal of it) they are supporting him being here illegally, AND granting him a license to practice law, ie, be an officer of the court, while they know he is here in violation of the laws of the United States.

Never mind that part of the oath
Business and Professions Code Section 6068
Duties of Attorney
It is the duty of an attorney to do all of the following:
(a)To support the Constitution and laws of the United States and of this state.
So, in granting this clown a law license, the very first thing he's doing is violating the tenets of the laws that require him to "support the... laws of the United States."

Now, I get the reasoning: laws are meaningless to the anti-American racist bigot in the White House, so why should they mean anything to anyone else?  In approving this insanity, the California Supreme Court unanimously ruled that 
"We conclude there is no state law or state public policy that would justify precluding undocumented immigrants, as a class from obtaining a law license in California," Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye wrote for the court."
There are federal laws, of course, which effectively means that if California legalized espionage, then the State Supreme Court could ignore federal laws on that, as well.

And where did our erstwhile federal Justice Department weigh in on this?
Garcia, a law school graduate who has waited for his green card for nearly a decade, has been in limbo while the state Supreme Court determined whether it had the legal authority to give him a law license. Attorney General Kamala Harris and the State Board of Bar Examiners backed Garcia in the Supreme Court, but the Obama administration argued that federal immigration law prevents such licensing unless a state adopts a specific law allowing law licenses for illegal immigrants.
U.S. Justice Department lawyers abandoned their opposition to Garcia's law license once the governor signed the legislation removing the primary impediment to his quest to become a lawyer.
Wait a minute.  Why isn't the fact that this man is here illegally in violation of federal law the "primary impediment?"

Allegedly, we are a nation of laws.

The creeping lawlessness of the Obama Administration in areas as diverse as the spilling of American blood via "Fast and Furious" to ignoring federal immigration laws to ignoring signed federal law on Obamacare to now, this: allowing illegals to break both federal law AND their oaths of office by allowing them to practice law even though as illegal aliens, they shouldn't even be allowed in the country?

Expect much more as the scum at the very top continue to slowly, incrementally expand the number of laws they ignore under the guise of, well, "not liking" the laws in question.

Instead of LICENSING this clown, they should have arrested him and deported him.  What the hell kind of message does this send to those who are, and will breaking the laws of this country with impunity?

Gotta wonder: where does it end?

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