Wednesday, July 19, 2017

So, here's what Wilson and Rivers had to say about the rip off budget they voted for.

Regular readers well understand that the GOP-controlled state senate has betrayed us once again.... much like they've done on so many other issues important to the people of Clark County... this time by causing property taxes to blow up.  How... "Republican" of them.

Part of the problem with the time the Bobbsey Twins spent babbling is they talked so much at the PCO meeting about such unimportant crap (relatively speaking) that they barely mentioned the 8000 pound gorilla in the room... their betrayal on the budget vote where they both screwed us sideways by voting for an additional entitlement and tax on the workers of this state (Yeah.... that's Republican, right?) and then voted to stuff another $5.5 billion into the teacher's pockets that they have to steal from us.

The irony of the Wilson/Rivers Hirst discussion is simple: if they were going to hold a budget hostage, considering how they raped us, they should have held the general fund budget as the victim.  Because now, they have zero leverage to make the democrats do anything... since they simply... don't... care.

In fact, the Capital Budget scam will just be another arrow in the left's quiver, not the GOP's.

There was no requirement... none... to jump through any hoop held up by the state supreme court.  They had zero power to force the Legislature to legislate anything.  The GOP RINOs knew that; I have been demanding something... anything... information in/from the state constitution that enables a coequal branch of government to take over control of another branch of government without any ability to do so, save for that which those in the Legislature provided.

To date, no one has been able to provide such a linkage.

Now, the GOP-controlled state senate has screwed us once again... putting a brand new, statewide payroll tax on employees into place (0.4%) that the vast majority of people will never benefit from... but which will cost a family making $40,000 a year ANOTHER $160.... added to the GOP's massive gas tax/tab fee increases, the increased costs for driver's licenses for American citizens and the MASSIVE increases in property taxes that we have to look forward to, thanks in part to these two fringe-left whack jobs; one of whom, Rivers, actually works for a democrat campaign consulting company, Strategies 360.

Of course, both Wilson and Rivers lied about the impacts of both their budget and their vote: here's the video that you can watch for yourself:

Note that at 5:36 in this video, Wilson says, and I quote: "I just want you to know that every one in Clark County will be receiving a property tax that's going down."

Which, of course, is why the County Assessor, Peter Van Nortwick, reiterated to me something rather different...
Tom, I think you are going to be in for a whole another level of stunned next year. We are working on the details and will release in August the increases just due to the new State budget combined with the local levy's for 2018. I can't do anything about it but warn the taxpayers. I can say for the typical home in Clark County they will see a 50% increase in their State School Taxes on next years tax bills.
Who are we to believe?  Those who did this to us?

Or those who are going to be held accountable?

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