Thursday, October 11, 2018

Gellatly puts the lie to a "unified" GOP.

The last two years here have been a disgrace in the local Republican political realm.

The dismay at discovering the RINOs foisted a drug-addled tool with a record of theft, DUI's, bench warrants and the like on us has only been exceeded by his efforts to abuse those who are smart enough to disagree with his arrogant, narcissistic incompetence where he's driven the local party organization into the ground.

He's lied about people, attacked people, and even sued a PCO for allegedly engaging in that which he does most every waking minute of his life: defaming others who oppose him.

His most recent vomit on to the political scene-this just went out as an email:
Dear Clark County Republican Central Committee,

I will address this matter in a very straight forward way as we
approach the upcoming organizing meeting. I ask that every member acts
in a professional and respectful manner and keep in mind that we
represent the Republican Party to our community.

In 2017, a small group seriously disrupted our party in a very public
manner and hurt our ability to function efficiently, during a campaign
season. This group included four board members, three of which were
removed and the 4th which was our secretary avoided removal by a
single vote of the central committee. Since this time, our party has
made great strides moving forward and working together.

However, an issue that I feel the need to address is the continuing
current behavior of our secretary and failure to perform the majority
of duties. In addition to failing to provide our members meeting
minutes for over a year, and all but one meeting severely late;
altering board meeting minutes after they had been approved; failing
to participate or help in important fundraisers that keep our party
afloat; providing false statements and accusations to our members
about the leadership; attempting to disrupt board meetings; No Call No
Show to our August Quarterly meeting; refusing to respond to requests
about duties assigned to her; and many other issues, she is now
beginning to attempt to start more online smear campaigns against
individuals who are volunteering to serve in leadership at the
organizing meeting. Our members have made it clear they do not want
these smear campaigns and infighting within our party and leadership.
While there is no point in bringing her back to the central committee
for removal as her term is ending in just over a month, we recognize
the need to be positive and encouraging to those willing to serve. We
have addressed the issues with her as a board, directly her her[sic], but
without any affect. After facts are brought to her, her typical
response[sic] is to deny any issues exist and if this leads to other emails
being sent with false information, I apologize ahead of time for that
as well. I can only hope a qualified candidate will take on this role
for the next two years so the next chair does not have to take on the
duties again.

On Behalf of the Clark County Republican Party leadership, I would
like to apologize for the current actions of our secretary Karen
Trumbull and disavow them completely. I assure you it does not
represent the other memebrs[sic] of the board, who opporate[sic] with integrity
and in the best interest of the party.

I ask that we please focus on the November 6th election. And after, we
have a positive election of the next board, with candidates speaking
about their qualities. If any candidate speaks ill of an opponent
rather than their own qualities, I strongly suggest it is due to their
own lack of qualifications and to take this into consideration. I have
gone through this process of selecting leadership twice now with our
members, and we have a great opportunity to move our party forward
this December. Let us not give those who wish to tear each other down
and divide us, the opportunity to have any influence in our party. I
thank you for the opportunity to serve you as chair, and I am proud of
how far we have brought the party in just two years.

Thank you all and God bless.

David Gellatly


Clark County Repubican[sic] Party
Perhaps, if he could even SPELL "Republican," let alone BE a Republican?

It's highly unlikely that Gellatly knows God in any capacity... because I just can't picture this variety of character assassination as being what one could call "biblical."

Now, this scumbag is directly referring to his successful effort to remove any mention of his personal attempt to keep me from being seated as a PCO from the last Executive Board meeting minutes.

The reality is that the discussion I quoted was from the draft minutes from the prior EBoard meeting.  He's now INFERRING that the note was inaccurate, or untrue, or didn't take place.  Yet, oddly at the EBoard meeting *I* attended, he never made that claim.  He instead claimed it was "just a conversation" as a part of his demand that it NOT be included in the minutes.

Even in this manure he's spreading, he doesn't dispute that it took place, he just attempts to infect what I wrote with a description that claimed it to be "inaccurate information" and then, he engages in outright character assassination of the secretary, a bit more payback since I have, once again, called this little fricking worm out.

Gellatly expects everyone to go along with his program, as incompetent as it is.  When you don't toe the line, this is what you can get.

Now, that Gellatly has spent more time attacking PCO's who don't see it his way than he has democrats cannot be denied.

Here, his psychopathic hypocrisy cannot be denied:
If any candidate speaks ill of an opponent rather than their own qualities, I strongly suggest it is due to their own lack of qualifications and to take this into consideration.
Yeah.  Well, if only we had known about this clown's criminal record and drug use, what are chances HE would have been elected chair?

He is repeatedly guilty of the same thing he now decries: he used THIS email to campaign against the party secretary.  So, obviously, it's PERFECTLY OK for GELLATLY to "speak ill" whenever the mood strikes.
Let us not give those who wish to tear each other down and divide us, the opportunity to have any influence in our party.
This variety of wretched, reeking hypocrisy by a scumbag who has spent his entire tenure engaged in that very yet another sign that he does not hold himself to the standard he wants his cult to hold everyone else.

And then, having done that, he babbles about a "positive election?"

This scumbag wants the freedom to beat the hell out of anyone he wants and he wants that ability without consequence.  It's a nice vignette reminiscent of the Hitler in the bunker scene.

His tenure has been a disaster that has resulted in grand-canyon sized divisions within the party.  But like most megalomaniacs, he is incapable of taking responsibility for any of it, ALWAYS blaming someone... or some group... of others for what HE is responsible for.

HE is in charge.  HE is at the top.  FAILURE rests with HIM. And where is it the buck is supposed to stop?

The local party is a mess.  The finances have been destroyed so badly that for the first time, no candidate is getting any financial support from the Party; instead, we're getting more utterly mindless and stupid signs that have accomplished nothing.

And the scumbag running the show takes no responsibility for any of it.

Because that's how he rolls.  And that's how the Cult he's surrounded himself with rolls with him.

As of this writing, there have been 3557 page views of the post "The Gellatly Revenge Tour: His effort to keep me from being seated as a PCO continues" The story about how this butthurt punk wants to keep those he doesn't like out of the Party speaks for itself.

And here's the reality: the chair did not send this poison out to every PCO or PCO elect.  For example, he didn't send it to me.

Now, one has to wonder why that might be.

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