Tuesday, April 28, 2015

"Ist Amerika Brennt?" (Is America burning?) WHERE'S OBAMA?

The phrase "Ist Amerika Brennt" is a knock off of the status request from Berlin on Paris as Allied troops approached.  Had the Nazi commander of Paris, General Dietrich von Choltitz, obeyed his orders to level Paris's historical and cultural landmarks?

Last night, there were riots in at least 3 cities across the country: Oakland, Ferguson and Baltimore.

Tens... hundreds of millions of dollars of damage was caused by "Obama's sons."

Where.... where.... where was the government?  Why was any of this being allowed to happen?  Why are these animals... these scum... being allowed to get away with this?

Where's the president?

This is happening on his watch.  What is he and that total light weight, worthless turd of an Attorney General doing about it?

At some point... soon... the American people will rise up and take their cities... and their country... back.

The rest of the world... again.... looks at the United States in utter, complete, disbelief.

NOTHING was done to stop this last night.  The responsibility rests with Obama, with the governor of Maryland and with that simple idiot of a hair dresser of a mayor.

NOTHING was done to stop this night before last... except for that bitch setting up "destruction" spaces.

You know what?  That young thug's death was unfair.  It was likely very wrong.  But that death, as tragic as it may be, justifies none of this.  Here's the guy these people are both lionizing and destroying their own city over, with the help of racist scum and outside agitators.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 5.21.33 PM
Should white people riot anytime a black kills one of us?

And what if we did?  What would government's response to THAT be?

If the whites of Baltimore rioted over anything, do you think for one second that poster-woman for hair products would have allowed whites space to "destroy?"

Of course not.

Black government is allowing... fostering... the attitude that it's perfectly OK to burn, destroy, assault and murder.

They are afraid to get these people under control because they fear being called names... such as "Uncle Tom."

Obama should have federalized the Guard, declared martial law, and sent them in there to restore order.  Failing that, he should have used the Army to do it.

The REPUBLICAN governor of Maryland is as much to blame.

Larry Hogan has failed.  Just elected, there's no way he'll politically recover from this debacle.  In fact, he should just resign right now.

The Guard SHOULD have been activated and deployed 3 days ago.  That it wasn't?

THAT'S directly on him.

And that liar of a mayor?  Words actually fail me as to what should happen to her.

At some point.... hopefully soon.... the people need to rise up and take their cities back.

I can't help but believe that if "Baltimore" were spelled "Vancouver," we'd be seeing the exact... same... thing, because of the weak-kneed political leadership in this county's cities... if you can call it that... of the cowards running this state and that city.

NONE of the people currently in government in Maryland, from the mayor on up, should have a job.  They SHOULD all be replaced by people who respect the law and who will make the tough, unpleasant decisions required to maintain order and to keep their communities safe.

Looting a store is not justice for this guy's death.  And these slime in government are the ones most to blame after the rioters themselves.

Meanwhile, Obama plays golf or whatever, and disappears... again... when a leader is needed... again.

This is a failure at all levels, from parenting to governing.  And once again... the eagle cries.

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