Sunday, April 26, 2015

Jayne runs for idiot on a state income tax... and wins going away.

What is it with leftists?

What part of "Hell, no," don't they get?

Jayne's idiocy today, groveling over fringe-leftist Jim McIntire's state income tax proposal shows that even a dead horse requires frequent beatings when it comes to partisan, leftist hackery.

McIntire was a leftist hack when he was a state rep, even then obsessing on ways to screw us out of more of our hard-earned money by way of an income tax.

And that's the ONLY thing behind this leftist hackery: scamming more of our money... bigger government... more and bigger programs... increasing the entitlement victimology so favored by the left.

So, when either McIntyre or Jayne babble thus:
McIntire's plan would establish a 5 percent income tax but would eliminate the state property tax and reduce business taxes. It would, he says, raise billions of dollars. It would, undoubtedly, raise trillions of hackles, considering the anti-tax fever that is pandemic. But, as McIntire said, "We need to have less of an ideological conversation about this."
...they are both lying.

Absolutely, 1000 percent lying.

First and foremost is McIntire's lie about this being anything BUT "ideological."

No one to the right of Mao has demanded a state income tax in my life time.

It was McIntire's ideology when he was in the House and getting elected to statewide office didn't make that magically change.  Because the fact is that if we weren't having an ideological conversation about this, we'd be having no conversation about it at all.

The next lie is the concept of the numbers: "...a 5 percent income tax but would eliminate the state property tax and reduce business taxes."

That, too is a lie.  Even if such a system were implemented, with scum like McIntire in government, how many months would it be before he and his fellow fringe-left nutters began to demand that we change the "5" to a "6," and we'd be revisiting the state portion of the property tax as well as jacking up the B&O tax.

And then it would become 7... and then 8... and the numbers on those who would have to pay would get lower... and lower... and lower until anyone getting any income in this state of any kind would have to pay.

This whole scam is to get more and more money into the state's coffers.

So, no, in reality, it's NOT worth "talking about."

Those who feel the need to pay an income tax so badly can feel free to head on down to that economic titan known as Oregon... Or that train-wreck known as California.

There you have it.  This ideological babble about an income tax... which involves the ideology of both McIntire AND Jayne is just that: a leftist scam to feed a voracious government where the word "enough" doesn't exist when it comes to the people's money.

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Unknown said...

I moved to Washington (from California) two+ years ago to get away from a state income tax (one that had become ever more oppressive). One of the few advantages that Washington has over the other west coast states is that it is about in the middle (of the 50 states) in the level of "tax burden." It is especially advantageous to those of us who are recently retired, as the business tax is indirect (it's hidden in the price of everything, but not in our face) and the property taxes, while not cheap, are not as bad as the "Prop 13 limited" property taxes in California, primarily due to the highly inflated housing prices. Indeed, even though I'd owned my California home for 30 years, the home I purchased here (for about the same price as what I sold) is much nicer and brand new. Overall the WA property tax is only about $500 per year more than my "held back" California property tax.

I will say that if Washington's legislature is stupid enough to create an income tax (or even a capital gains tax) that I'm very likely to head for a state with no income tax. The hassle of NOT having to file another tax form is worth avoiding, along with the ever higher cost of government.

California was once a beautiful place to live. (I was born there as were my parents.) The combination of "Progressives", civil service unions, and too much liberal immigration has ruined that state. Washington can have the same fate, if the legislature fails to understand the real strength of the economics here.

Limited government, low taxes and taxes related to specific purposes, minimum regulation, right-to-work laws -- these are the ways to out-compete the other states, and keep Washington's economy vibrant. Wake up folks!