Sunday, April 26, 2015

Pridemore for state auditor? Lefty Lou... he's such a kidder.

See, if Lefty Likes you, well, by God, he likes you, even going to extremes to suggest bizarre, frequently idiotic ideas, including who should pick up the pieces of that great democrat state auditor, Troy Kelley.

Unfortunately, our governor lacks the brains God gave a board fence.  Not unlike, come to think of it, our chief, resident fringe-left hater running the rag.

When Kelley goes away, there's only one suitable candidate to replace him, and that fellow's name is Sontag.

As in, Brian.

See, Brian Sontag held the gig since about the discovery of electricity.  No one alive knows more about the job, no one alive is better equipped to handle it.

Naming Sontag as caretaker auditor until a general election can be held would be best for the people of this state, far and away.  The transition would be seamless and instantaneous.

Instead, a fringe-left partisan hack suggests another fringe-left partisan hack, a 3 time loser  (Congress (and what a joke THAT was!) State Auditor and County Commissioner).  Someone with a proven inability to listen, know or care what the people of THIS county actually want... someone who knows as much about the position of state auditor as he does the position of state phlebotomist... someone who when he ran for the gig, could only manage 36% of the vote in his own home county.

But see, Lefty Lou likes him.  And when he likes you, suggesting stupid stuff is simply par for his course.

And not even the moron currently our governor is idiotic enough to pick Pridemore when any number of people are far more qualified for the job.

If Inslee wants to do what's best for the state, he'll get THE most qualified guy for the job when the time comes.

And that guy's name is Brain Sontag... contrary to Lefty Lou's babble.

But since Inslee is a democrat and, then, by definition, he could care less about the people of this state, how likely is that?

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