Saturday, April 25, 2015

As I predicted years ago, Obama's emails would be hacked.

The method I was sure would be used was his "Hillary Clinton personal server-like" insecure Blackberry phone.


I'm about sick of Mr. Obama's BlackBerry obsession.

The President-Elect's obsession with his BlackBerry was cute, at first. Even understandable (I confess I own two: an 8830 T-Mobile and a Storm.) since they take some learning and subsequently, some skill to run all the features.

But enough is enough.

There is no excuse, save selfish self-centeredness, for Mr. Obama to demand that he be allowed to continue using his.

The critical element is this paragraph:
"The moment it becomes known that Barack Obama uses his BlackBerry, you know that a significant share of Russia's signal intelligence and China's signal intelligence and cyberintelligence budgets will be targeted to break it," said Entner, an analyst with market researcher Nielsen in Boston.
So, what do we find out today?

Eh. What do *I* know?

But it begs the issue:  What ELSE am I right about when it comes to this moron?

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