Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Liar Leave-it not running again? So what?

I wasn't terribly surprised… Or actually impacted one where the other…  When I was emailed lefty Lou's latest compilation of lies and exaggeration concerning the soon to be politically late and unlamented mayor of Vancouver...

If in fact  he doesn't run for reelection, he won't be missed. Some other fringe left liar will take his place...  promising one thing and being something completely different once they're sworn in..

Of course, it begins and ends as all Lefty Lou articles begin and end, with being forced to filter it through the lie factory that is his peculiar keyboard.

for example, when Lefty Lou says:
To his credit, he was open, direct and honest.
That's a lie..

The Democrat in his never gone out of its way to hold the liar accountable for his lie of a campaign anymore than they've held the liars behind the pot initiative accountable for their live a campaign  or Scott Weber accountable for his lie of a campaign..

Of course, in this instance, the lie went the democratian's way.

Had the liar ever actually exhibited any principles except his base dishonesty... and stuck to his guns on the issue of the CRC scam... instead of lying his way into the office... it's realistic to expect that Lefty Lou would have a somewhat different take on The Liar... just a little more hostile... a bit more "Madore jihad" like.

But in Lefty Lou's world, when you lie and it's the way he wants you to lie... and you get what you want and it at least in part what he wants... then this is the kind of fawning puff-piece that you can expect from the democratian lie factory.

Actually, this appears to be that sort of kind of thing that someone who does want to run for reelection might do to get all these people line up to say "oh please, Tim, you've got to run for reelection, here's our money."

Of course, that's something of a cynical view.  But then, as one of the biggest liars in elective office today, I must admit that Levitt does tend to bring out the cynicism in me.

And then this nonsense from Lefty Lou:
On the surface, Leavitt’s decision doesn’t add up. Vancouver is doing well. It feels like the city is moving forward, and Leavitt’s leadership gets a chunk of credit.
I frequently get the feeling that Lefty Lou doesn't even realize that he's lying… When he lies.

If as Lefty claims, "Vancouver is doing well," than the next observation Lefty makes, specifically that "also the city is sort of on automatic pilot when it comes to raising taxes," would not be necessary nor would it be included in the story.

That's as much a lie as claiming the rag is doing well.

See, cities that are doing well do not have to automatically raise taxes, every year. Cities that are doing well can typically keep their spending under control and live off the naturally increasing revenues that an allegedly growing and thriving economy would provide them with.

But since Vancouver does not have a growing, thriving economy... and since its something of an economic ghost town governed by a bunch of tax-happy know-nothings who lean so far to the left that they can't walk straight down a crooked street, it's safe to say that in fact Vancouver sucks.  Like Steve Stuart when confronted with the same issues, Leavitt realizes this, and he knows he might be in for a tough time next go round.

You see, nothing succeeds like success. This lying bastard has been the mayor of Vancouver for six years now. And Vancouver hasn't got shit to show for it.

I fully expect this leftist egomaniac, with his CRC scam and his efforts to keep us silent on it... who lied so much and worked so hard to screw all of Southwest Washington... to actually run for reelection, because ever since he's arrived it's all been all about him. He screwed this entire County on multiple deals with CTran, his violation of the law on the BRT scam... and perhaps what may be motivating them here is some sort of additional job promise for his fine work in raping the people of Clark County generally and the people of his own city particularly. Not unlike Steve Stuart… And look what happened to him.

Of course, since he's announced his own "lame-duckness," that means he will be even more unrestrained in his efforts to implement his own agenda as opposed to working for the people.

Ultimately, if it's so tough... if even half the garbage Lefty Lou babbled is true, then The Liar can do himself and all of us all a favor and resign.

Right now.

After all, he needs to start "thinking about his future," right?

What say he start thinking about it right NOW.

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