Monday, April 27, 2015

Chuckie Green's C3G2 hater convention at the library: about as expected.

As expected, it was a leftist goat rope of the old school, a campaign soiree for and about Chuckie Green, masquerading as some sort of public function.  It accomplished absolutely nothing, of course.  Turn out for this November's election will be among the lowest as a percentage we've ever known.  But the whole point of this was for Chuckie's campaign, so it served his nefarious, underhanded purposes well.

And what a lie that was.

A few pics... nothing was accomplished except, say, for Carolyn Crain sucking up to her bud, Chuckie.

You remember Chuckie, don't you?

He's the guy Carolyn Crain endorsed for councilor seat 2 shortly before she also endorsed Julie Olson... an old school, play both ends against the middle dodge.  Seemed a bit piqued that I busted her for it.

Then there were these leftists:

Two leftist nutburgers named Jimmy:

And a leftist group shot in support of Chuckle's rip off campaign for the council:

Chuckie's bogus campaign event was as much a scam as Kimsey's lies in the campaign pamphlet... and just as useful.

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