Friday, April 24, 2015

Carolyn Crain seems a touched upset that I pointed out she'd endorsed leftist democrat slimeball Chuckie Green as she also endorses Julie Olson.

Here's the thing:

In the post below this one, I pointed out that Carolyn Crain, professional losing candidate and C3G2 hater, had endorsed Chuckie Green for District 2 Councilor.

Photo by Jason Rayne & Jennifer Green of Rayne PhotographyHere's the picture the obviously overjoyed but certainly misguided ChuckWuck put up on his endorsement page on his campaign website with the names of a few of his fellow haters:

Now, considering how, well, svelte Green is, he'd be doing himself a favor if he'd knock off the full length pictures.

That said, there is no question that Crain supports his candidacy... after all, there's a reason idiot-stick stuck it on his endorsement page.

So, imagine my surprise when I saw Crain announce her endorsement of Julie Olson, GOP candidate running FOR THE SAME SEAT!

Wow.  No opportunism here, right?  Save for trying to gain allies for her next abysmal failure when she runs... again... and loses... again... in the next election cycle.

What she doesn't get is the people supporting Chuckie's candidacy would sell their own children before they'd vote for anyone with an "R" after their name.

Now, when confronted with this evidence, Crain solemnly tells us that she has NOT endorsed Green (Which is, of course, a lie) and that she DID give him "permission" to use her quote and her name.

On his endorsement page.

Of course, you can hold up a cantaloupe and claim it's a basketball, but that doesn't make it so. But that's not an endorsement.

I loathe those kinds of lies and that kind of politics.

Here's her response to the whole thing, unedited by me, as posted in the SW Washington Opinions FB page.  Like my religious persuasion has anything... anything at all to do with any of this?

And yes, I absolutely treat political low-lifes of all parties the same.  I freely and proudly admit that I have frequently busted our worthless congresswoman and my even more equally worthless state representative (And no, I do not mean Rep. Pike.)

None of this has anything to do with any political party.  What this has to do with is this woman making a big deal out of allegedly endorsing Julie Olson while having already endorsed Chuckie Green.

Meanwhile, draw your own conclusions.  Olson is much better off without Crain as a mole to feed Chuckie everything she hears.

    Carolyn Crain shared her post.
    I am endorsing Julie Olson!

    So it has just come to my attention that the attacks and lies never cease. It doesn't seem to matter what the issue is I fight for or how hard I work for the rights and freedoms of the people because someone out there is going to lie and trash talk about me. Must be the nature of the political activist arena. You cannot make all the people happy all the time.
    I appear today to be the headline of someone's "hatred" blog.
    I am stunned because I refuse to hate ANYONE!
    I will always try to give credit where credit is due and that does not matter which party you come from or align yourself with. I will also disagree when in my opinion the votes and stances taken are wrong. That does not mean that I will trash talk and attempt to slander or harm anyone. It means I disagree period.
    I happen to think Chuck Green is basically a nice guy who has a different political affiliation/ideology than I do. I think he knows that and we can be friends without having to agree on everything.
    His political views might stop me from voting for him but they will not stop me from being his friend, from listening to his opinion nor from being respectful to him. I would hope that people could understand that respect and communication will be the path that leads us forward in this great country, not hatred and lies.
    In the future I think it would be prudent of the blog site's author, KJ Hinton, to ASK who I am endorsing before slamming me because frankly you have just shown yourself to be dishonest and your word to be untrustworthy.
    That being said I am in really good company according to the list. A perusal of the blog page shows he hates me and several other really incredible people even many excellent Republican elected officials!
    • Carolyn Crain Neither did you. I do not think it is very Christian to call people haters. Are you a Christian?
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    • Lew Waters from my own experience and perspective, since haters took over the Clark GOP it is difficult to associate with anybody any longer. Another reason I am stepping back and reassessing my involvement in local politics.
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    • KJ Hinton Then do Julie a favor: don't claim to be endorsing her when you're supportive of her opponent. And yes, using your quote IS endorsing him.

      God hates hypocrites, Carolyn, and I call 'em like I see 'em.
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    • Carolyn Crain Then you are in my opinion, in err. That quote was accurate and he asked if he could quote me. I said yes because being successful at getting our country in the correct path is not a partisan thing it is an American thing. I am not a hypocrit. I am an American.
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    • Carolyn Crain Interesting that you feel the right to use God to wield hate. Since you did not respond to my question I am left to assume the obvious.
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    • KJ Hinton Your nationality does not somehow save you from playing both ends against the middle. Pick a damned side. You ain't getting both.

      And that YOU think it's an "error" doesn't make it so, nor wiil it in the future when I remind everyone in the GOP how you tried to screw Julie by supporting her CRC-loving fringe-left democrat opponent.
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    • KJ Hinton Nice dodge. Meanwhile, you continue to try and support BOTH sides of this race because YOU believe YOU will personally and politically benefit from riding the fence.And that's not how this works. That's not how any of this works....See More
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    • Tom Sharples Carolyn, I'm not religious. But if I were, I'd be praying that you can get through at least a two-week stretch without complaining about how everyone's mean and always picking on you. If, as you say, it comes with the territory, then you really ought to be used to it by now. No-one respects a professional victim.
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    • Carolyn Crain There is a difference between a complaint and a public statement. Do note that I am not wounded here. I have said all I intend to say regarding this nonsense.
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david clark said...

Chuckie seems to have lost a few pounds in the picture!

Chuckie of course is a big light rail/CRC supporter and a BRT promoter and a C-Tran employee (last I heard).