Tuesday, December 31, 2013

All abord the Mike Briggs Fail Boat: no one wants to be his campaign manager!

Sources tell me that Mussolini Mikey Briggs is running into a little problem implementing his political death wish:  no one wants to be his campaign manager!

I'd heard rumors of such a thing recently: as it is now, he's asked about every democrat walking upright if they'd take the gig and all of them have shown at least the common sense that God gave a board fence... and turned him down.

Mussolini Mikey's ego refuses to let him understand the reality of the situation.  Mikey has talked himself into believing that first, he can win an election; second, that he can win as a fringe-left nut job in the 18th and third, that he has even a remote chance of taking out Liz Pike.

Those he's been babbling to in an effort to get something approaching a campaign, however, understand that reality all too well.

While Mussolini's ego, arrogance and fringe-left perspectives might play well in the Commissariat of the 49th, they won't fly anywhere else.

My contacts tell me, rather sadly and rather pathetically, that Briggs continues to try and find somebody... ANYBODY... who will help him pour political gasoline on himself and then light it.

I hope he DOES find someone... maybe some high school junior or something, who can help him jump into the vat of boiling hydrochloric acid that the 18th represents to leftists like Briggs, particularly of the delusional variety of pro-CRC  Scamming, don't-care-what-the-people-want, I'm-smarter- than-they-are types that Briggs represents.

So, by all means, Mussolini... run.  I can't wait.

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