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Democratian provides proof: Madore dead horse is, well, dead.

Well, you know, Lefty Lou has been rather psychotic over his David Madore fetish... so I thought, "Gee, the top ten web page stories on the rag site ALL have to be based on Madore or Madore/Benton... why else would he be so obsessed about them (Besides being a psychotic narcissist, I mean?)"

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that precisely zero of the stories in the top ten on the democratian's propaganda/democrat campaign web site had anything to do with EITHER David Madore OR Don Benton.

I'm sure that no one was more surprised than Lefty himself:
Recently, newsroom staffers compiled their annual list of top 10 stories for 2013, and we also collected your votes to create a top 10 readers' list. Some years those lists can be quite different. This year, the staffers and the readers weren't too far apart.
When it came to the political realm, that, of course, is an outright "misrepresentation."  Tens of thousands of people in this county ignored the poll: many leftists voted repeatedly.

The staffers AND THE "READERS" WHO ACTUALLY VOTED were cut from the same cloth.  This is reminiscent of the early telephone polling that indicated a Dewey victory over Truman without considering that most people at the time who could afford telephones were Republicans, thus skewing the results.

The rag fell into the same trap here.

The rag's problem?

Neither the newsroom nor the leftists driven by hatred in their democratian poll-voting are anything close to reflective of this community.  Lefty seems surprised by that.

Hatred drives the coverage of Madore and Benton.  Hatred drove the so-called "votes" on what were the top stories for the year.

STATISTICS, or actual clicks on stories are what tell the tale.  And the numbers?  Well, they speak for themselves.
Today, we have another list. It's the list of the 10 most-read stories on -- and other than a couple of stories, it looks nothing like those other two lists.
On the political issues on the first two lists, the votes were driven by leftist hatred.  Naturally, given Lefty's bizarre anti-Madore, anti Benton obsession, his minions are going to reflect the hatred that drives it.  Got to please the boss, you know.
You won't find what many consider the top three stories of the year: the Columbia River Crossing, Clark County's hiring of state Sen. Don Benton and the influence of businessman/county Commissioner David Madore on the local political landscape.
You won't find them here because the democratian in no way reflects the majority of the views of this county.

When they write about the CRC, they trash the opponents and lionize those who would screw us.

When they write about either Benton or Madore, they universally condemn them and completely ignore either the other side of whatever the story is OR any good either of them may have done.

They blow up the anger THEY feel far out of proportion to that which the average citizen of this county might feel.  That much was obvious even before these numbers were published, and that's why the so-called political scientist they used to spin the outcome of the last election looks like an idiot when she babbles:
...said it appears Stuart has a chance to win re-election based on the recent results of the nonpartisan Vancouver city council elections.
“I would suggest that the results from the odd year election in November, that were four or five points in favor of (Mayor Tim) Leavitt, is an indication the county is moving in a different direction,” Long said.
And while that was a vote of just city residents, and not inclusive of the steadfastly conservative rural lands of the county, Long believes the results say something about which camp is currently enjoying a groundswell of support.
Utter nonsense, of course.  When your test tube only contains a city out of a county, a city that typically is dramatically different from the area surrounding it when it comes to voter choices, drawing any kind of conclusion like this amounts to incompetence.

But because it had the words the democratian wanted to hear, they printed it.

Well done.

Just about any time there's an article about Madore or Benton, Lefty or his minions will lie, exaggerate, twist, prevaricate and ignore both facts... and reality.  The county wide voters are rather intelligent.  They know the drill.  They get that this is a campaign that may as well have been orchestrated by the county democrats: That it's driven by Lefty's hatred and in no way reflects anything but the false enthusiasm of the fringe-left nutters infesting us.

What's that mean?

Well, to me, it's rather simple: the people around here don't care about the issues that Lefty WANTS them to care about, and Lefty and the scum working for him are completely out of touch with this community.

Of course, that was confirmed with the results of the last election where the democratian position was destroyed on just about each and every transportation related issue.

These "click" figures, provided by the rag itself, tend to reinforce that conclusion.

As I've suspected all along, the fringe-left cabal, including those who suddenly "Found God" on the issue of the Charter effort, wherein they hope to launch a legal coup to overturn the 2012 election results have made no inroads... having overcome their expressed fear that   "... They hope to give rural interests dominance over urban values," (we should be so lucky) have no rank and file, county-wide support and are, essentially, an exercise in Lefty Lou's game of mental masturbation.

Lefty has been working his scam for a year, now, more or less and the figures his own rag provides show that it's pretty much gotten him nowhere.

None of his self-flagellation cracked the top ten.  None of his self-congratulatory, not particularly clever babble of any of his columns... or any of the stories of the playground bullshit Lefty and Slimeball Stuart have wrapped themselves in since Madore beat their boy with a crushing defeat made it to the top.

Two editors, one cup.  Who knew?

Here's the list:

They drew the clicks: Top 10 stories of 2013

A strong emotional pull is common thread for the most-read online stories

By John Hill, Columbian web editor
Published: December 31, 2013, 8:29 PM
The 10 most-read stories of 2013 on
1. Dec. 26 Lost roll of Mount St. Helens film found — 80,688 pageviews
2. Dec. 11 Mysterious object blocks Seattle tunnel drilling — 30,541 pageviews
3. Dec. 4 Woman unknowingly tweets death of husband in accident — 29,703 pageviews
4. Feb. 3 Fire destroys Crestline Elementary — 24,473 pageviews
5. March 28 Family fears for missing Vancouver teen — 23,316 pageviews
6. April 15 Explosions reported at Boston Marathon finish line — 22,159 pageviews
7. Aug. 12 Woman raises awareness on panhandlers’ use of handouts — 21,861 pageviews
8. Jan. 29 Police arrest killer of alleged prowler — 21,063 pageviews
9. March 5 One person dead in Brush Prairie crash — 20,864 pageviews
10. May 23 Freeway bridge collapses into Skagit River — 20,244 pageviews
One post on my blog has drawn almost 19,000 page views by itself

How sad is it that a post on MY blog apparently has exceeded the internet readership of anything Lefty has written or anything any of the morons working for him have written about Madore and/or Benton?

It wasn't that long ago that Lefty was trashing blogs.  He belittled, insulted and made an effort to portray bloggers as worthless, in effect.  Lefty wrote way back in 2009:
The farther away from the core of a strong local newspaper you get, the more likely you are to see shenanigans.
The irony is obvious: we don't HAVE a "strong local paper."   We have a paper run by a leftist psychotic who uses it to beat the hell out of those smart enough to oppose his agenda... the KING of "shenanigans."

And then he spewed this garbage:
And good luck if you think bloggers are going to somehow do this work. (Holy split-infinitive, Batman!) Watch most bloggers closely. They mostly complain about the government based on stories we're doing … and throw in complaints about the media for good measure.
*I*, for example, "have done the work."  *I* was the one, and not this despicable rag, who broke the FBI report that proved that Cowardman Brian Baird was lying about so-called death threats, for example.

And this, I believe, is the sort of thing that shows blogs can be valuable.

When your local ancient media does articles based on hatred... and based on partisanship... and based on a hit-man agenda from their editor, they lose all credibility and just become part of the left wing background noise.  And countering that garbage is, in large part, why I do what I do.

In this case, however, to discover that articles I've written on my blog have a readership which exceeds that of anything the scumbag running the democratian has done, with all of his built-in advantages of staff, money, and advertising?  That a post on MY blog gets more reads than anything Lefty wrote?

There can be no bigger indicator that the rag is out of touch.  Their credibility is in a shambles because it's clear that their coverage of county government is partisan hackery that has long since ceased being something called "journalism."

As the rag becomes less relevant (And these numbers they provided have definitely shown that)  I have to believe Scott Campbell has some serious introspection to engage in.  Is his enjoyment when it comes to keeping an unleashed playground bully employed when he ignores the important issues of the day in favor of attacking his enemies and using this paper as a platform to do that a wise business decision?

This is certainly a case of figures that don't lie.  Meanwhile, give the Madore thing a rest.  Lefty is getting nowhere with his playground bullshit and in focusing on Madore and Benton to the exclusion of the issues that matter to the people of this community, the real issues that actually make a difference are going unaddressed and typically, unreported on. 


Imagine what this publication could be if they reflected the county... instead of demanding the county reflect them.

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