Thursday, January 02, 2014

Dingethal's web site disappoints: nothing on issues. is the place to check out Bob's generic, has-a-lot-of-words-that-say-nothing kind of web site which, once again, fails to provide any insight as to where Bob is on the issues confronting us.

Once again, there can only be two reasons for that: incompetence (Whoops... forgot to put the issues up!)  or cowardice (If I tell people where I actually stand on the issues, I'll get slaughtered at the polls.)

These are the only two possible reasons, since, if he failed to HAVE any positions on the issues generally, and the CRC Scam/Obamacare specifically, then there's no way he'd actually BE running for this office.

His web site has a bunch of "hooray for me" whoopy wall crap that's utterly meaningless... but expected on a campaign site, particularly when it lacks anything to say that has any importance.

None of what's up there, which is pretty much the standard shlock, makes any difference.  I don't care where he went to school... I don't care about his family... I don't care that if he ever served this country in uniform he ain't mentioning it.  I don't care that most of his resume' has his face firmly planted in the government trough, or that he's worked for Maria (Yeah, I banged Ron Dotzauer the week before he was married to someone else) Cantwell.

What I care about is precisely where he's at on the issues that will impact us the most... or if he'll have the balls to tell his leftist masters to get bent when it's in our interests... unlike that moronic empty suit representing us now.

How is he going to stop the CRC Scam?  (He isn't.)

What is he going to do to kill Obamacare?  (Nothing.)

What is he going to do to hold those responsible for "Fast and Furious"  or the IRS Scandal or the slaughter of our ambassador in Benghazi?  (Nothing.  Nothing.  Nothing.)

That, of course, is why he lacks the guts to even have an issues section on his web site.

When the issues you can run on will get you killed politically?

You're damned sure not going to mention them until you have to... if at all.

Courage, Bob.  Do you speak it?

Because there's no point in voting for you if you're going to be a coward.  We've already got one of those.

I asked Bob on his facebook page where he's at on the issues some 25 days ago.  He's got... or whoever is running his facebook/web page has got, no problem interacting with supporters who kowtow to him.

But to those who might not be in his corner?

Not so much. 

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