Thursday, January 02, 2014

The Seattle Times worship of RINO Rob McKenna continuuuuuues.

I admit it... it's got me stumped.

The Times rolled over for McKenna during the utter disaster of his gubernatorial campaign... a campaign so inept and incompetent that he couldn't even defeat a dullard like Jay Inslee.

Unlike our local rag that falsely claims to be "non-partisan," the Times made their bias in favor of McKenna known.

They admitted to wasting $80,000 worth of in-kind contributions for their boy... and said they were going to do it up front.

Our local rag does the exact, same thing... they just refuse to admit it.

That said, today's article wasting ink and wood pulp and keeping McKenna in the public spot light is this effort:

Originally published Wednesday, January 1, 2014 at 4:08 PM

Guest: Rob McKenna on why Machinists should vote yes on contract for Boeing 777X

A yes vote on Boeing’s 777X contract is a pro-union vote, writes guest columnist Rob McKenna.
Why would anyone generally, or any of the hard core leftist union machinists particularly, give a damn WHAT RINO Rob thinks, believes or wants?

Does anyone even remotely believe that the union slime voting tomorrow are a.) going to line up to read this tripe or b.) believe for one second that ANYONE will vote FOR the contract because RINO Rob says so?

This abysmal effort at kowtowing to both the unions AND Boeing ownership wasn't for union consumption: it was for public consumption.  It's a part of RINO Rob's effort to regain at least some credibility in the public eye.  Ant the Times, who should know better, is his willing accomplice.

Unfortunately, the stupidity he exhibited as he chucked away a 9 point lead in the polls in February of 2012  hasn't gone anywhere.  RINO Rob will always be democrat light, he will always be the clown that threw SW Washington under the bus with both the CRC and Cowlitz Casino scams... and he will always be a retread loser.

Times image rehabilitation notwithstanding.

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