Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More of the Democratian's double standard.

Having been the recipient of the local rag's lack of integrity, honesty and fairness, I'm not terribly surprised that the fishwrapper would actually link to a left-leaning blog; after all, as a leftist cancer on our community, could they do anything else?

Temple Lenz's blog (Lenz, who was the blogger and campaign manager of Tim "The Liar" Leavitt during his disgrace of a campaign for mayor, also is the person behind the Daily Couve blog... something the rag knows, but plays along with since it's one of their "buds") is one of the more typical double standard efforts of the left, where leftists are spared the level of examination those on the right receive on a daily basis. Yes, the local cancer on our community knows damned well it's Lenz... but because they "like" her, they're going along with her program.

Naturally, a propaganda sheet like the Democratian will do all they can to support, and link to, efforts like Lenz's.

But in their double standard world, linking to other blogs and allowing made up on the spot efforts huge publicity... while ignoring conservative blogs, stealing stories and information from those conservative blogs without crediting those efforts and, when mentioning the blogs at all, doing so only in some arrogant, condescending way... and usually, without a link... is typical for the Democratian. Because in their twisted minds, the reader is too stupid to click through and see for themselves, read for themselves and, God forbid, think for themselves...

So, we see crap like this. It serves two purposes: first, free earned media for their bud Heck, and second, widest possible dispersion of their fellow leftist's blog.

Lenz should write them a check.

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Kriss Mitchell M.Ed., LPC, CRC said...

It is sad to see the place where journalism has ended up. You watch movies like Good Night and Good Luck and wonder where that kind of ethical and independent standards are anymore. Perhaps the Blogger community can bring it back. I know you scooped the paper twice and it isn't right for someone not to give credit. In my profession that is called plagiarism.