Monday, September 27, 2010

The Columbian's despicable Storro coverage: The only thing missing is "I'm Tony Golik and I approved this message."

I must admit, like the local rag doesn't know me, I don't know democrat union thug Tony Golik. That he IS a democrat union thug willing to use this situation for his own political purposes is all I need to know. But the local cancer on our community's coverage of this debacle is over the top and obviously politically motivated to help Hollywood Tony win.

The problem for them both is that I believe this steaming pile of political opportunism is going to backfire on them both.

The comments section is lighting up, and some of those commenting are finally starting to do what Brancaccio is to politically biased to figure out: This thing is going to blow up in Golik's face.

Regular readers get that the Columbian typically acts like a leftwing propaganda sheet. Their biased and lying coverage of this unwanted and unneeded bridge/loot rail project is legendary; their efforts to protect fringe left nut jobs like Baird, Moeller, Jeannie Harris and their ilk makes any pretense of fairness or integrity the punchline of a porn movie with the people of this community getting screwed.

Their Storro coverage is no exception.

Brancaccio has broken his arm patting himself on the back over the Storro coverage, but then, looking up the term "ego-maniac" does tend to result in Brancaccio's picture. But worse then that, he's decided to do everything he can to get one of his leftist union hack buddies elected... and he's pounding the Storro case to get that done.

Hollywood Tony, of course, shouldn't even be involved in this case. Its as stupid as prosecuting that guy for ripping off the used water heater... another sorry episode that Golik should have put a stop to.

But no. Golik knows he's swimming against the surf. Unqualified to do anything but act as a criminal lawyer, Golik has no noticeable experience on the civil side of this office, so important to the day-to-day running of this county's show.

Brancaccio knows it as well. He sees that Golik, as a democrat, couldn't get above 50% in the primary. So, Brancaccio made the decision to carry Hollywood over the top.

Thus, every day, all day, it's Golik/Storro.

In the overall scheme of things, Storro case isn't all that. But the rag decided to MAKE it all that in an effort to get that pathetic lug elected.

No union president should be elected to anything, especially in this day and age. Electing this clown guarantees horrific pay and benefit increases to pay off those who sold us put to support him.

But in their campaign mode, we can continue to expect our local joke on journalism to keep hyping Golik as he does everything he can to crush Storro in the treads of his leftist, democrat thug tank treads on his way to hopefully losing in the general.



Anonymous said...

Here is the REAL reason.

"...So many are saying they love to hate this story but most keep coming back for more. And our web numbers continue to show the Storro stories are the best read stories on our site.

Lou Brancaccio (Columbian Staff) — September 29, 2010 at 12:55 p.m.


Lou, How about this might be your ONLY story of any worth.....

Just a guy said...

There's a difference between "best read" and "most read."

I understand the reasoning LB is providing. But the use of the story as to what amounts to an independent expenditure campaign series for Golik is hard to deny... and Brancaccio knows it.

While blind, agenda driven and not at all concerned with presenting either all sides or all information in a story, Boccaccio is not stupid, and his actions here are both deliberate... and political... with Golik the beneficiary.