Saturday, September 25, 2010

An ethical conundrum for "Hollywood" Tony Golik.

As we all know by now, "Hollywood" Tony Golik has shown a great many cards as to his motivations... not to mention ego... for unnecessarily jumping out front to use this pathetic criminal case for political purposes.

Typically, neither 'wood nor his shop prosecute cases such as these (Theft 2), but ever the union thug political opportunist, Golik believes he's found a pony to ride to election... and he's going to ride it.

The problem is this: Bethany Storro's lawyer has provided a large donation to "Hollywood" Tony Golik campaign.

The lawyer is Andrew Wheeler. In the interest of full disclosure, Andrew worked on state GOP staff when I was there holding down the Executive Director slot.

Like any other defense lawyer confronted with dealing with a political thug who is a highly placed prosecutor, I can understand why Wheeler forked over the check... last July, to be precise... since PDC records indicate that neither Wheeler nor his firm have ever donated to anyone else in this state... ever... for any other political campaign. Getting leaned on by Hollywood Golik and his union buddies must be par for the course... and who wants to put up with that?

But isn't it just the tiniest bit unethical for Golik, who has received the maximum pre-general election donation from Mr. Wheeler's firm, to actually prosecute a case against a defense lawyer that's written him a large check?

Now, I'm not a lawyer, and I don't even play one on TV, but it appears to me that Golik has a problem.

If he keeps his puss out there prosecuting someone who's defense lawyer has done a pre-primary max out to him, isn't that just the tiniest bit a conflict of interest? Now, I get that Hollywood's motivation isn't justice as much as it's earned media... or publicity.

But really, shouldn't Hollywood now recuse himself, hand the case off to the prosecutors who SHOULD be handling this, instead of using this pathetic case to try and get people to forget he's a democrat union thug?

We'll just have to see, because I've got to tell you: if Hollywood doesn't get this done by COB next Wednesday, he'll be dealing with a bar complaint on Thursday.

Golik must avoid even the appearance of bias and favoritism. And prosecuting someone with a lawyer who has donated to this clown's campaign makes that, well, just the tiniest bit difficult.

Until Thursday, then...


Lew Waters said...

Several commenters on the Columbian's site complain and continue to complain about the excessive coverage the Storro story is garnering.

Looking over the stories, most contain mention of Golik and I have yet to see one mentioning Art Curtis, who last I heard, is Prosecutor until January.

I also don't recall anyone asking Brent Boger, also running for County Prosecutor, his views on the case, just several mentions of Golik.

Golik might have jumped out and grabbed this case to help his campaign, but the Columbian ensures his name is kept before the voting public by running the Storro story into the ground.

Just a guy said...

That sums it up neatly. This is nothing more than an earned media campaign for Golik by the Democratian.