Friday, August 23, 2013

Obama has magically managed to put more distance between himself and Jimmeh Carter as the Worst President Ever.

Up until 2008, there was no doubt that Jimmy Carter was the worst president in American history.  The damage he caused us, both fiscally and in foreign policy is still the stuff of legends.

After 2008?

Barack Hussein Obama has not only surged ahead of Carter but has managed to leave him behind by a distance that has reduced Carter to a fly spec as the SECOND worst president in the history of this country.

His efforts to capitalize on the Travon Martin assault and subsequent removal from the gene pool, his entirely race-based politics... not all that great a legacy for the formerly "post-racial" president.

As the messiah, Obama cannot help but continue on and act like and use those neo-communist community organizer skills which was the only experience this clown ever brought to the table.  And he acts like it.

I'm reminded of the Prince John character in the Robin Hood movies.

The silence from the Duke and Duchess of Washington, D.C.on black, racially motivated murderers  is deafening.

We all remember that "Travon could have been my son" babble, right?

Two of your "sons" felt compelled to beat a wounded-on-Okinawa Marine veteran to death with flashlights in his car in Spokane... so he would die in agony, and alone.

Three more of your "sons" apparently felt the need to slaughter an Australian baseball player, here getting an education in Oklahoma, as part of a gang initiation.

Photos and messages from the Facebook page of Sarah Harper, the girlfriend of Chris Lane.


Sarah Harper is sad, but also angry after boyfriend Chris Lane  was shot and killed in Oklahoma.

And yet... you seem silent.  You're as disinterested about these deaths as you were about keeping the Americans alive in Benghazi.  That moron holding the presser in the WH yesterday lied to them en masse by claiming he "wasn't familiar" with the death of Chris Lane.

He was "familiar."  He just didn't want to talk about the 8000 pound gorilla in the room. In the White House, when someone not black kills someone in self-defense, that's bad.

When black criminals slaughter those of a different color... well..,. that's worth a yawn.

Like the Germans living across the street from Dachau didn't know it was a concentration camp... if they didn't know... it's because they didn't WANT to know.

Obama's rank hypocrisy almost reaches the same level as the utterly laughable charge that the GOP is engaged in a "war on women."

The pants problem isn't the GOP's, dude.  It's yours.

If only we had a president who knew how to lead, that had a clue about policies, foreign or domestic.

If only we have a voting public less interested in "stuff," and more interested in freedom.

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