Saturday, August 31, 2013

The cluelessness that is the blithering idiot in the White House.

As we contemplate a version of foreign policy suicide, I've got to wonder: is this clown TRYING to start another world war?

Have we learned nothing over the past decade?

We cannot install democracy on the end of an American bayonet.  We are universally despised and reviled in the region by all sides in this conflict.

Dead, as my years in the military taught me, is dead.

Berry's got his panties in a bunch... not over the dead... but how they got that way and by who.

Besides the obvious: that this moron has killed tens of thousands of his own people the good old fashioned way: bullets, bombs, torture, knifes and so forth, never rose to the level of concern the Simpleton in Chief is expressing now.

The truly bizarre aspect of this is, as I pointed out, dead is dead.  So why is it that the value of these 1400 or so exceeds that of the roughly 100,000 or so he'd killed before the gas was used?

And here's the thing, skippy: what about when the rebel's use gas?  Is this simple idiot going to then bomb the OTHER side?

That's the problem when, in reality, there is no definable difference between the two sides:  they both hate, neither gives a rats ass about people, they've likely both used gas (Sarin gas by the rebels) they both would slaughter every man, woman and child in THIS country if they could figure out a way to get it done.

In this case, the empty-suited, Anti-American racist bigot in the White House apparently only draws "red lines" for one side... and not the other.

If this simple idiot does this, we will expend a half-billion or more; kill hundreds ourselves... maybe as many as Assad is alleged to have killed in this gas attack... and we will have absolutely nothing to show for it.

If this scumbag thought the bogus video he lied about repeatedly on the Benghazi thing was going to be used as a so-called "recruiting tool," then what the hell does he think will happen with THIS?

Meanwhile, this complete moron, having again shot off his mouth publicly, has given Assad DAYS to get ready: days to hide assets (and yes, they CAN be hidden) days to use human shields around critical targets and days to humiliate the clueless waste of skin even further in the eyes of the public.

Is it any wonder we're hated and despised around the world?

And that's the problem, when, like Obama, you place no value on life.

We must stay out of this: and if we don't... then Obama must go.  Vice President Biden can get his rocks off  by "making it his business to impeach him."  You know, like he promised back in 07 over similar circumstances when the president was named Bush?

Obama's and Lurch's faux outrage over this is just that: fake.  If they were going to be outraged by slaughter... that would have taken place 100,000 victims ago.

Dead.... is dead.  How they got that way?


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