Friday, August 30, 2013

Stephanie Rice lies as she trowls out the crap for Boldt.

While, on the surface at least, Greg Jayne is a marked improvement in  the upper echelon of the democratian; unfortunately, lying scum like Stephanie Rice still get a paycheck from the Lazy C.

Continuing on in her "there's no lie I won't put into print" meme, Rice used Marc Boldt, my brother-in-law and former Clark County Commissioner... and democrat... to take shots at the hated-by-her GOP.

Now, Rice has frequently had a problem telling the truth generally and about politics specifically.  If it's about the CRC Scam or politics to the right of Mao, expect this waste of skin to lie about it.

This manure she spewed in her latest political party assassination is, typically for her, both over the top and an outright lie:
Former Clark County Commissioner Marc Boldt, who was thrown under the bus by the local Republican party for not being conservative enough, lost his bid for a third term last fall to Republican David Madore.
Marc Boldt was tossed from the GOP precisely like Rodney Tom and Tim Sheldon... and most recently, 5 term democrat state auditor Brian Sonntag were chucked out of the democrat party:

Because they vote far too much like the opposition party.

The democratian, of course, isn't going to lift a finger over that sort of thing, so getting "thrown under a bus" is apparently a bad deal if you claim, quite provably falsely, to be a Republican... but just another day in the life when you're a democrat... or have I just missed their outrage over the democrats doing this?

Boldt voted in lockstep with democrat and CRC Scammer Steve Stuart: THAT is why he lost to David Madore... since Boldt only received 30% of the vote in his own, two-term commissioner district in the primary... the writing was on the wall... precisely like it's on the wall for Stuart.

Rice typically fails to include all the facts... just the ones that silly idiot wants you to know... like the democrats wouldn't vote for Boldt, either, and their were 25,000 under votes in the race.

Sources tell me that Boldt has interview3ed for jobs in Olympia.  Meanwhile, the democrats who used him to beat the hell out of the GOP, for all the good it did them, abandoned Marc and kicked him to the curb as soon as the election was over and Boldt's results showed what an abysmal effort he'd made to keep his job and how he'd managed to become the ONLY incumbent to lose their re-election bid in the general anywhere in Southwest Washington.

And the fringe-left scum, Rice, is going to blame the GOP for that?

Boldt's position on the CRC Scam is what got him killed politically... and that position is going to keep him that way... in a year.... or in 2 decades, that's what he's going to be known for... that is going to be his legacy... much like Jeanne Harris will be forever known as "Gavel Down."

Rice, of course, is very big on revisionist history.  She's very big on leaving out facts.  She's very big on lying.

And this column amounts to a prime example of that.

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No lie this ingrate won't tell, no exaggeration, no fact she won't leave out to make her opponents look bad... she thinks.

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