Saturday, August 24, 2013

Here's what the CRC-type scammers have done for the SR-520 disaster: our future if the CRC Scam is built.

The slime-types running the CRC rip off effort are the same type of scum ripping off the people on the SR-520 theft: $400 million was wasted before a shovel full of dirt was ever turned, and now you can add another $128 million for "construction delays and redesign costs" from the incompetent idiots of WADOT... the same scum shilling for the CRC rip off..
2 hours ago

State officials say construction delays and redesign costs could use up the Highway 520 bridge's $100 million in reserves and eventually send the project another $128 million into the red, The Seattle Times ( reported in Saturday's newspaper.
Most of the costs are related to design errors by the state Department of Transportation (DOT) that caused cracks in the first four giant pontoons. These required repairs, while others have been redesigned.
The estimate for when the floating bridge will be completed has also changed from late 2004 to April 2016.
Information released Friday on the DOT website comes a month after new
Transportation Secretary Lynn Peterson and 520 program administrator Julie Meredith held a news conference to reassure the public that the bridge project's $250 million reserve fund is sound.
The state doesn't have concrete plans for finding more money if the project requires it.

Careers should have ended over this.  Regiments of scum should have been fired and sued to recover costs.

Did that happen?

Nah.  None of them care... because it's not THEIR money.

Considering what the "experts" have accomplished with the floating bridge scam, God only knows what these geniuses would have cost us if we hadn't killed the CRC Scam.

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