Saturday, August 24, 2013

The bastardization of Dr. King's dream.

The race industry is gearing up to bleed their victimization, sense of entitlement and lack of any self-accountability all over the TV screens of America for the next week in commemoration of the erosion of yet another pillar of American democracy.

In some respects, Dr. King was a remarkable man.  A registered Republican, Dr. King did something non of these scum acting in his name would ever consider doing:  He gave his life for what he believed in.

The scum active in the race-baiting business, the Sharpton's and Jackson's and Obama's, none of them believe in anything enough to die for it.

Dr. King's subsequent sainthood was over the top: no, his birthday is not, in my opinion, worthy of a holiday, for example,  given his title "Reverend" and the personal life of a slut, not unlike, come to think of it, Sharpton and Jackson, who also tarnish the title "Reverend" because they can't keep it in their pants.

So, for the following week or so, there's going to be a cacophony from the race-baiters about how things are worse off now for race relations than back in the day... the day of the Dred Scott decision.

I won't pay any attention to this much like I do all I can to avoid listening to the lies of the president: the left will get tens of millions in earned media but the fact is there's no point in listening to liars and professors of victimology and the "acceptable" whites who will kiss the collective asses of those who've become rich in ways most blacks can't even begin to imagine... on the backs of those very people they claim to represent.

Dr. King's plan was worthy.  But it's been morphed into a level of prostitution of his ideals where blacks are kept on the democrat plantation with the crumbs off Jackson's, Sharpton's, Pelosi's, Reid's, and Obama's table.

Multi-millionaires all, it's politically vital for them to keep minorities generally and blacks specifically believing they are victims.

If any of these people lived like Mother Teresa, they might have my respected.  But they all live like royalty from race-huckstering , and I despise them for it.

I freely admit that I believe in the concepts of character over color.  Unfortunately, these scum would all sell their children for their next "I am a victim" interview on MSNBC.  It's so patently transparent that blind man could see it in a minute.

What a horrifically missed opportunity.  If these swine would focus on the concepts of self-responsibility, of education, of hard work, and self-accountability, we'd have had one less Travon.... one less Shorty.... one less Chris Lane.

But come on... none of that was Travon's fault, right?  None of that was the fault of the punks who beat Shorty to death with flashlights, or who shot Chris to death as part of a gang initiation, right?

Just saying.

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