Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The question why Ryan Hart endorsed Ridgefield Barbie is answered: She bought him.

Politics is a quid pro quo deal, but I never thought that Ryan Hart was endorsing Barbie because she bought him... but that's a hard conclusion to avoid now.

As a county chair, Hart had no right to endorse in a contested primary. His "reason" for violating the ethics of his position was always lame ("I promised") and so I wondered for the last year why he would chuck the responsibilities of his position to sell out to the local empty suit.

Well, now I know.

Hart just got announced as the Camas Manikin's district director. So, his endorsement was the price of getting on congressional staff.

Thanks a lot, Ryan. Appreciate you selling us out.
Congressional StaffPosted on 4th January 2011 at 08:53

Third District Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler is starting to round out her staff, announcing that Ryan Hart and Shari Hildreth will lead her District Office. Hart will be the District Director, while Hildreth will be the Deputy District Director. Herrera Beutler says that both Hart and Hildreth are local residents that have a “passion” for the region, and will be able to hit the ground running, helping to serve the people of the area from day one. She also announced yesterday that the Vancouver District Office will officially open Thursday morning. Herrera Beutler will have her Vancouver office at the O. O. Howard House, located at 750 Anderson Street, Suite B. The office will open at 8 am on Thursday, and will be open from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. The phone number is 360-695-6292, and the fax is 360-695-6197. If the address and phone numbers seem somewhat familiar, that’s because Herrera Butler is renting the same space that Brian Baird used for his district office, and is taking over the same phone numbers. Her website at www.herrerabeutler.com will go live after tomorrow’s swearing-in ceremony in Washington, D. C.
Well, at least it wasn't that clueless moron from Pacific County or that idiot from Snohomish.

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LewWaters said...
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Just a guy said...

There has to be something in there for those two... unless they were just plain stupid in addition to being unethical sell outs.

Anonymous said...

Slade Gorton was just named to the WA redistricting committee. Any doubt his #1 priority will be to give Jaime a safe seat?

LewWaters said...
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Just a guy said...

Actually, I think we need to find ways to work them back into OUR loop... the loop of getting qualified, conservative candidates elected instead of what we had to "settle" for... the stereotype of political worthlessness.

And as for Ryan, he's at least going to be a well-paid ho.

Just a guy said...

And yeah, Anon... Slade will exist only to keep Herrera in office.

witchywoman said...

A very well paid ho. Apparently he saw no personal ethics violation in accepting that position. Looks like it may have been the goal all along. Was everyone else just stupid to promote Herrera? Who else is getting awarded? What about the dough boy, I don't remember his name, the one that beats up his wife? He was backing Herrera, and giving her the googly eyes. He will be one unhappy icon of his own making.